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Amy Butler Projects

Posted on: January 10, 2007

Ginny’s Purse

Monday was Ginny’s birthday, and I was planning on having a purse for her. Instead I just had to give her the lovely fabric in the above picture. It’s one of Amy Butler’s of course. And I promised her that I would put an update about how far I’ve gotten. As you can see from the picture, not very. For some reason Brendan was really clingy today. I hope he is not getting sick! I also still need to buy some extra heavy interfacing before I can get much farther. I’ve already had to skip a couple steps. I’m waiting for this weekend, when I’ll finally have a Joanne’s coupons that’s good. Although when I went in to buy the other materials last night the cashier told me that they accept Michael’s and Hobby Lobby coupons too. I’m not sure if they just started it, but no one else has ever bothered to let me in on that little secret. I really like this cashier though. This is the second time she’s helped me, and she is definitely better than the rest that work there. I shouldn’t even start telling you about the last person that “helped” me, because that would be a long rant. 🙂

Anyway, I was busy all weekend, and tonight with friends from out of town. Can’t say that I regret not getting more done, because I hardly ever get to see them. In fact, it’s been a year for 3 of them. Morgan, baby Eliza, and Micah all live in Thailand, and come back once a year at most. Anna and Scott live in Moberly, Mo. and I see them about 3x a year. They are expecting in March! So, we’ve spent all the time we could with them.

Here are a couple other projects I’m working on… I’ll start back with them after Ginny’s purse is done:


These fabrics are all cut up and ready to be made into the “Decorative Patchwork Throw” from Amy Butler’s new book.


This is a little stocking ornament that is almost done. I actually ran out of embroidery floss. Obviously my first time with the blanket stitch. I’m planning on making several of them, but they take a little longer than I expected. Hopefully I get faster as I go.

I also have a scarf to finish up that was a Christmas gift to my father-in-law. I’ve never actually finished a knitting project before, so I’m kind of putting it off. I’m sure he’d appreciate getting it before Spring though…

I’ve got to get to bed!


3 Responses to "Amy Butler Projects"

yippe! my purse! i like the ornament… felt is so fun and easy. its funny how we are both into quilts lately.. i never really thought either one of us would be into it as much as we are.. i guess it just takes the right fabric to inspire. or in my case, lack of anything i would consider putting in my new baby room 🙂
cute pic of you and mrogan and the babies!

ps.. i had NO idea that joanns took competetive coupons…. amazing!

Hi Ali! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I received “In Stitches” for Christmas, too, and I am drooling over the projects there. I was thinking I might go for working on a quarterly project from her book. I’m a big needleworker and have pretty much zero machine sewing skills but I am hopeful that I could teach myself by just diving in. Someone told me to pick ugly, cheap fabric for your first attempt on a pattern, so that if it doesn’t look good you can just toss it.

I love the fabrics you selected for your Amy Butler patchwork throw. I can’t wait to see your progress!

[…] for stitching today! The book is so beautiful, and hopefully my quilt will be too! But, with these fabrics, how can I go wrong? Bigger pics to […]

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