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No-Knead Bread

Posted on: January 22, 2007

No-Knead Bread

I watched the Martha Stewart show one day last week, and she made this great No-Knead Bread. I knew I had to try the recipe for myself! I usually make a couple loaves at home once or twice a month, but both of the recipes I usually make require about 10 minutes of kneading. That’s a nice workout for me when I’m not have back trouble! 🙂 Anyway, this bread was much easier even though I had to let it rise a total of 21 hours! Another weird thing is that I had to cook it at 500 degrees! I thought it turned out beautiful and delicious. I’m sorry about the bad picture quality though. I guess my husband is right– we need a new digital camera!

Speaking of my husband, check out his blog for a couple pics of us playing outside in the snow with Brendan!

I forgot to mention that I did finish that book by Stephen Lawhead from my previous post. I thought it was good even though I felt like it took forever to get to the point (I was impatient for the guy to actually be Robin Hood, but the book was actually about him becoming Robin Hood). So, now I just have to wait who-knows-how-long for the next in the trilogy! 🙂 But, I am used to having to wait around for my books to come out. That’s what I get for reading these long series though (one of them I’m waiting for book #12)!


4 Responses to "No-Knead Bread"

That looks delicious! Can’t wait to get home and eat too much of it.

Looks like the bread is blurry because the pic is focused on the ziplock in the background. hehe.

mmm.. that bread looks amazing! is the recipe on her web site??? i feel for you about the camera since we have the same crapy worlds worst digital camera….

that looks so good! and it looks beautiful the way you cut it and it fell just perfectly. 🙂

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