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I’ve Been Tagged

Posted on: January 25, 2007

As I said in my last post, Ginny tagged me. So, I’ve been trying and trying to pick 6 original weird things. My brother (he’s the guy in the pics) promised to help…

1. I have to schedule a time in my mind to call someone back (I’m not talking my mom or best friends)/make a business call. I have such a dislike for the task that I have to psych myself up for it! Maybe I should’ve written that I actually use the word “psych” as one of my 6.

2. I must check on Brendan right before I go to bed. Even if I just checked on him 30 minutes before, and then read in bed for a little while. I must get back up and check on him again. Sometimes I can get away with getting Chad to do it instead. If I don’t do it I will lay there and worry about him until I can convince myself that he is perfectly fine.

3. I sucked my thumb until I was almost 8. That was the best that brother could come up with. 🙂

4. I am fiercely protective/possessive of my family.  One time my cousins girlfriend (of a little less than a year at the time I think) actually called my Grandpa “Grandpa”, and man was I mad.  They are married now…
5. I just realized tonight that I really don’t mind cleaning toilets.  Not my least favorite chore.  I think that would be showers/tubs or maybe even putting away dishes :).  Anyway, I just had my first day cleaning at the Christian high-school my brothers go to.  I’m sure it’ll get old, and they really aren’t that dirty, so I guess that makes a difference.  I’m doing it just part time, three days a week for a little extra money.

6 . In a country where 1.5 children is the average, I want 6!  And all in cloth diapers (when age appropriate) and home-schooled yet still cool.

Now I’m tagging DeAnna, Allison, Melissa, Amy, Helen, and Morgan, so hopefully they’ll have time to join in on the fun!  Hopefully they haven’t already been tagged!


1 Response to "I’ve Been Tagged"

i am the exact same with josie before I go to bed!!! and sometimes i can get away with greg doing it just like chad. how crazy is that…do you think it’s a mom thing or are we just crazy? 🙂 I want 4 or 5!!!

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