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Posted on: January 30, 2007

Mom’s Flower

Here’s a flower to go with the purse I made my mom for Christmas. The purse actually came with the pattern for it. I think it’s really cute, but I’m disappointed about the size, so I may make another one that’s smaller. My favorite part about the purse was the lining, so I am glad to get some of that fabric on the outside of the purse (if she even wants to do that– she could use it on anything really).

Saturday was my cousin’s wedding, and I did get the tea towels done just in time. I didn’t, however, remember to get a picture of it despite the fact that I reminded myself several times! You’ll just have to trust me that they turned out really cute. 🙂


Brendan, my reluctant model, looks a little pathetic here with his chapped cheeks. But I had to show off that I finally completed my very first scarf. This is the first project I started, but I took a break to make a scarf for my father-in-law for Christmas (which I also just completed but haven’t gotten a picture of yet). It certainly isn’t perfect. You can tell when I started back this time, because I didn’t accidentally switch the back and front like I did when I started the project. So, I have one good half, and one bad. I don’t think anyone will notice…

Hopefully I’ll have other projects finishing up this week… we’ll see if Brendan and my back cooperate!


3 Responses to "Finished Projects"

josie has chapped cheeks too. i bought something called ‘tiny faces’, or something like that (it looks like a big thing of chap stick but its for their faces) and it has really helped. great scarf! did you crochet it or knit it? great work on that and the purse! i’m still working on the blanket…it’s coming along but i think i made it way too big!

Thanks “dullfamily” :)! I knit the scarf. I originally got the yarn to make one for a friend, but then I realized I couldn’t part from it!
I don’t think you can make a blanket to big– baby or otherwise. It’ll just be able to be used as the baby gets bigger! My Gma made one when I was a baby that I can still use as an afgan! It’s great!

okay, i figured out how to change the name since technically the “family” isn’t responding…just me :-). you’re probably right on the size of the blanket…it’s just going to take me forever! I need to do a scarf next! oh, the stuff for the cheeks is called “teeny cheeks” by gerber. it’s in a blueish colored tube. it works really well!

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