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So Depressing!

Posted on: February 8, 2007

Brace yourself for some disturbingly crooked pictures. The outside:

Crooked Purse.

And the inside so far:


Ok, so it might be a little hard to tell from the pictures how badly I’ve messed up this purse. Now I just have to figure out what on earth I’m going to do about Ginny’s birthday present that is already a month late! Maybe I have enough fabric laying around to redo the outside of it… to bad I don’t have another zipper! I guess I won’t have this done in time for Friday’s party… boohoo!


3 Responses to "So Depressing!"

im sure you are just being to hard on yourself!

it’s still better than i could do!!! 🙂

You could always send her a note and ask how to fix. =)

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