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Posted on: March 14, 2007

Garter Stitch

Well, I’ve now learned to join a bound-off edge and a selvage edge in garter stitches. So, obviously there are some problems with this tiny blanket with the size of the squares. No worries… I’m just going to move on the the next project in Baby Knits for Beginners. I’m loving this book so far. Next up on the list… sachets. I think I’m only going to make one or two. Does anyone know what you need sachets for babies for anyway?


I’m sorry again about the poor quality of pics. I guess we must have lost our digital camera for good.  =(

B and I have been spending a lot of time outdoors these last couple weeks.  Loving the weather, and we both need some exercise.  My Gma bought this basketball for him the other day.  There’s actually a story behind this:  My younger two brothers are great basketball players and we went to watch them whenever possible.  So, B now associates basketball with two of his favorite people in the world.  So, he was over at my mom’s house and there was a basketball, and he insisted on going to sleep with it.  We picked him up at about 10:30, and brought him home.  Every time he woke up during that transition he asked for that ball.  He ended up keeping me up most of the night after that because of his sleep being interrupted and wanting that stupid ball!  So, G-Gma bought the ball, and he barely lets the thing out of his site.  BTW “basketball” is probably his longest word.  🙂  A future basketball star in the making!


1 Response to "More Learning"

what a cute story. he looks SO protective of that ball…should i get his autograph now or later?! 🙂

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