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Sweet DishTowel

Posted on: March 22, 2007


Just finished my first project from Sublime Stitches. I really like how it turned out. All the iron ons come as seperate little graphics, so you basically get to design your own stuff without having to draw. Very cool. Plus things come pretty plain so that you can decorate them on your own… like I did with the icecream. You can barely tell from the pic, but I also stitched a border of yellow on the edge of the towel. The book itself is rather basic, I’d recommend it to someone who has never done any embroidery.

Probably not going to be posting again until next week, because we are leaving for Southern Illinois tomorrow after Chad gets off work. Time to visit the in-laws again. Maybe during the 12 hours we’ll be on the road (total) I can finish one of the many books I’m reading: The Curates Awakening, Eldest, The Tower of Shadows, Money Possessions and Eternity, and Magnus. Wow, I need to stop doing that to myself. Because I have a couple more checked out of the library to read, and I just bought a new John Piper bible study for Sunday school that I’m ready to start reading too. I’m that bad with crafts too, which is why I haven’t had anything to show for myself in a while. 🙂

Oh, and I found these great shoes online that I really want… my birthday is coming up.

This blog I read has had a really cool series of kids stuff… I’ve found lots of stuff I’d like to get B for his upcoming birthday (April 29), such as stuff from this website.

So, everyone have a good weekend!


3 Responses to "Sweet DishTowel"

Looks good. Have a great trip and enjoy all that reading!

love the towel!!! i wish i could look at that book before you leave town! wow you do have a lot of books to read. i love the randy alcorn book (although i havent finished it yet because j lent it to someone). have fun with your inlaws 🙂

ps. i love love love those shoes… i am so into owls these days… they make me happy. too bad i wont buy those for your b-day, i would be too jealous of your super coolness and feet that fit in regular shoes.

LOVE the towel!!! Have a wonderful trip!

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