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Posted on: May 22, 2007


So, Friday was my birthday… and I spent it cleaning. But, the good thing is I’m done with that job now. WOOHOO! 🙂

Thursday I had my first dr’s appt for our Christmas baby! We got to see our little kidney bean, and watch the little heart beat. Very cool. So, now the one person that doesn’t know why I haven’t been getting any crafting done lately knows by excuse. 🙂 For some reason on top of the tiredness, and spending half my day eating, Brendan has taken this time to be more demanding than ever. Go figure.

Speaking of Brendan… he’s in a big boy bed now! I’d actually thought of packing the spare twin bed away for more room in his bedroom… good thing I didn’t! So far we’ve found him sleeping on the floor 3 times (he has a hard time getting back up once he’s down– not sure if he’s falling off or what), and the first night he came into bed with me at 4:30A, but he seems to have gotten over that.
Saturday little (6 ft 2 or 3 in) brother, Nicholas, graduated. Family was in town. Reception on Sunday. I made the slideshow (power point presentation) for it, and helped with the scrapbook of his senior year/friends. I think I should do every scrapbook like this one… I gathered the pics and sorted them how I thought they should be with what paper (mostly). Ginny decorated. 🙂 She’s much better at it than I am.

So, we decided to do a joint family part for Chad and I on Thursday night right before Nicholas, Mom, and Gma go off to Italy for two weeks (not jealous at all). Friday through Monday we’re going up to Minneapolis to see some friends, which we haven’t seen in ages.

I got some cool stuff for Mother’s Day and Birthday both. Among them are a beautiful Lily (slightly smaller than the one in the pic above– I wasn’t able to get a good enough pic of my own), the Baby Knits book I’ve been working out of from the library, some cool shoes that I cannot find online anywhere, and the soundtrack to Marie Antoinette. So, I’m pretty excited! Also, Chad and I are shopping for our joint gift– a digital camera. His bday is the 29th, so it works out well for us to do that when we can actually agree on the gift. 🙂 Marie Antoinette is good. A lot more instrumental songs than I’d hoped, but I still like it a lot.


3 Responses to "Birthday"

Happy Birthday! Glad to hear the baby looks good. Have fun on your trip and we’ll see ya later.

Hey, Happy birthday! I’ve been off my computer all week, and I’m bummed I missed it. I’m glad it was a good one!

happy birthday alicia!!!!!! i’m thrilled the baby is healthy!!!!!!!!!

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