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Savannah and Jacksonville

Posted on: July 14, 2007


Here I am with my friend Eva that I went to visit in Florida. Can you believe people used to ask us if we’re sisters? We both have blue eyes, and once our haircolor was pretty close (back before my hair darkened all the way, naturally!) The resemblance pretty much stops there. Speaking of hair… I’d pretty much decided not to dye or highlight my hair again, but then I got pregnant, and now of course I’m not content with anything. hehe Hopefully I can hold out.

So, I got into Jacksonville with no problems.  I was even early.  First thing we did was go shopping. 🙂  Went to dinner with Eva’s friends (we hung out with them quite a bit actually).  Saw the fireworks down by the beach on the top of a little hotel.  Kind of weird. Good fireworks though.  Stayed up really late.

Got to go to the beach three times.  Once was Daytona beach.  I guess you have to be a racing fan to care for Daytona.  We didn’t.  Ate at some great restaurants.  One was French, with awesome creme brulee.  We both decided to learn to make it ourselves.  And we went shopping more of course.  Both spent to much money, but there were such great deals! hehe

One day we went up to Savannah, Georgia.  First thing we did was look for Paula Dean’s restaurant, because Eva had eaten there before and really liked it.  That took some trekking because there was construction.   Then, when we were waiting in line (you have to wait in a long line just to get on the dinner reservation list– this was at 1 pm I think) in the blazing sun I got to hot, and went across the street for some AC.  Too late.  I fainted while trying to pay for a water bottle.  Most embarrassing experience ever.  Ambulance came, and we wasted our whole afternoon in the ER.  Just so that they could tell me my pregnancy made me more sensitive to the heat because you have less blood at your disposal.  *shaking head*  And the whole time they were lecturing me about drinking enough water and eating enough.  Of course they didn’t bother to give me food, drink, or an IV.  I was not happy with them.

Fortunately we still did get to eat at the Lady and Sons.  Eva called them up from the ER and pulled the pity card.  It was really good food, but I can’t say we really enjoyed it.  We were just to hungry.  Eating made us not feel well.  Plus, on top of everything else Eva was having major contact troubles.  I ended up having to drive home, because she could barely keep her eyes open.

Then, we couldn’t find Eva’s wallet!  Turned out it was in the car the whole time.

Silly me:  I took my huge Anna Karenina book that I’m still reading (haven’t really been in the mood to read lately).  I thought I’d make myself get a lot of reading done.  Of course I didn’t.  My head hurt to badly in the plane on the way there, and I just couldn’t get myself into a book at the beach while there was an ocean to look at!  So, maybe someday I’ll come up with a review for that.

I was really ready to see Brendan.  It was my first time to leave him for longer than an overnight stay at my parents.  I don’t think I did too bad.  But, I almost cried at the airport.


3 Responses to "Savannah and Jacksonville"

you are just so beautiful!!!!! that is a great picture. wow, what a story…i LOVE LOVE Paula Deen! I can’t believe you fainted but am thankful you and the baby are great. 🙂

Wow, what a story. I can sympathize with you about fainting- it’s very scary, but I am so glad everything worked out. I agree with Allison, that is a great picture! You both look like models. See ya soon.

yowzer! What an adventure! Allison’s right- that’s an awesome pic. Too cute…:) Hey you should post some of your fabulous shopping finds! That way we can all live vicariously through you. Except for the faining thing, of course. Man, I’m glad you’re okay!

And yeah, you should have known better about the Anna Karenina in Florida. Not gonna happen. LOL

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