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Posted on: July 25, 2007


Not much going on around here the last couple weeks.  So, nothing much to blog.  Ginny was over helping out a couple days last week.  It’s really fun to see Libby and Brendan interacting.  Look how cute they are together. 🙂  Gives me hope for when his little sister/brother comes along.

He’s been really cute these last couple weeks, despite being mostly couped up with me inside.  He’s started being really obsessed with tents.  Any kind of tents.  If you are sitting together and you put a blanket over your two heads he’s happy.  If you prop up a couple pillows over your head, then he is happy to come squeeze under the “tent” with you.  Sometimes even if you drape a blanket just over his head he’ll be happy. Although when he tries to walk that can lead to problems.  Needless to say we are shamelessly using this to get cuddles out of him. hehe.

Like most people in the nation this week I’ve been reading the new Harry Potter.  Like usual with the end of a series I’m both excited and a little depressed for it to be coming to a close.  I still have two movies to look forward to though.  I hear the latest is the best yet!  Now if I can only round up a baby sitter.   🙂


2 Responses to "Cute"

how fun! he’ll be awesome with his new sibling! i can’t wait to find out what you are having!

sooo.. did brendan do the tent thing before florida?? cause i think that i taught him that at my house 🙂 i also started the blanket on head “tent” that first morning i was at your house after surgery when i was trying to think of ways to play quietly while you rested… just want to know if i can take the credit for this super cute play. hehe

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