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Our New Addition

Posted on: September 12, 2007


Meet Titus.  A 5 month old black lab.  We think he’s pretty handsome.  Chad surprised me with him last night.  We had some friends over, and after supper he and the other husband were supposedly getting a movie for us all to watch.  When they were back, Chad called with a weird request for us to bring the kids out (they have a girl 1 day older than Brendan) and help them carry things in.  I thought it was so weird that I cut off my questioning and just agreed, figuring he must have a good reason.  I never thought of a dog.  I was kind of waiting to put the pressure on for that until we had actually moved.  So, Chad beat me to it, and managed a real surprise.  🙂  I’ve been wanting a lab since I was 12 years old!  Now I’m really wishing for that backyard though!!

Speaking of our friends… I am so excited to have them in town for almost a whole month!  I really miss Morgan while they are half a world away in Thailand!


2 Responses to "Our New Addition"

Lucky!! I almost called him super cute, but you’re right…He is handsome.

I do not consider you lucky because you have a cute mutt that will cause you unending aggravation. I do consider you lucky that you have a husband who loves you, wants to please you, went to the trouble to surprise you and found joy in making your wish come true! I hope you have a better experience with pet ownership than I have had. Love you lots, MOM

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