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Another Tag

Posted on: November 14, 2007

I got tagged by my friend Lori.  I actually filled this out about a month ago when someone emailed it to me, so some of you may have already seen my answers.  This is actually a little different…
Two things you are wearing (thinking) right now:

1) I really have a lot I should be doing right now.  2)I want a nap.

Two of your favorite things to do:

Cuddle with B

Knit (I’m just addicted right now!)


Two things you want very badly at the moment:

Full time Handy Man (then I can stop nagging Chad)



Two favorite pets you have/had:

Dexter my dachshund who was the best dog ever, and last time I put Titus as my second choice, but he did a major poop in my living room this morning, so he’s on my bad list today.


Two people who will fill this out:

I’m going to tag Ginny (Speaking of G, check out the pics she p0sted today of B), and Morgan (I just added her to my list of friends– she’s new to blogging!)

Two (non-household) people you last talked to (e-mail doesn’t count):

Ginny on google Chat, and I really don’t remember who was before that doesn’t live here.  That’s sad.


Two longest trips you’ve been on:

Mali, West Africa (1 month)

Marburg, Germany (5 months)


Two favorite holidays:

Christmas and Christmas

Two favorite beverages:

Fountain Dr. Pepper

Blended Iced Chai Lattes



1 Response to "Another Tag"

Dexter the dachsund… I love it!

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