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Baby Hat

Posted on: December 5, 2007

Lillian’s Hat

Here’s my  newest finished project from Baby Knits for Beginners.  Turned out really cute, and it was actually pretty easy!   Once Christmas Baby comes along I’ll put up pics of her modeling it. 🙂 

We didn’t have a computer over here for a couple weeks because ours went berserk.  Not sure how much I’ll be posting now either though… B has an infection in both ears plus in his upper respitory system.  So, he’s taking a lot of attention these days.  Napping right now though (thankfully). 

I’ll for sure be posting after Saturday though.  That’s when we are going to be cutting down our first real tree as a family!  Woohoo!  I LOVE Christmas.


5 Responses to "Baby Hat"

ohhhhhh my. i am so so so jealous.. did i mention im jealous?? you did a great job!!! poor boo boo…. give him a kiss from me, but dont tell him its from me or he wont want it. oh yeah, christmas… i love baby jesus and buying stuff… thats as close as your going to get to me saying i love christmas 🙂

That looks great. I’m sorry to hear about B being sick, our baby fianlly got over an ear infection and bronchitis and now he is coughing and weexing again! It seems like it is taking forever. Have fun doing the tree thing – we gave it a try and it was alot of fun 🙂

I had all but decided that I wouldn’t decorate for Christmas this year (because we’ll hardly be around to enjoy it) when Mr. B suggested that we swing by the Christmas tree lot on our way home from work Monday night. So we did. Now, I truly don’t know when I’ll have time to decorate the poor thing, but it’s still pretty fun to come home and realize: my living room smells like Christmas!

Have fun finding your tree :o)

Great Job on the hat. It’s too cute. You must take after your grandmother because your mom is incapable of creating anything with yarn. Glad Brendan i improving and I hope you are getting some sleep.

[…] got around to getting a pic of L in the hat I made her.  Isn’t she a good […]

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