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Terrible Twos

Posted on: January 16, 2008

Things are a bit of a mess around here these days. I knew I wasn’t going to be keeping up with housework since I just had a baby. What I didn’t know was that I would feel like I have been cleaning all day, and still end up with a dirty house. That’s thanks to my very own “terrible two”. Now, don’t get me wrong, my TT is extremely cute and sweet part of the time. He’s not all bad. He’s got the tantrums, the defiance, and the ability to push all my buttons (ex: he purposely tries to yank my knitting/yarn ball out of my hands because he knows how protective I am of it). On top of dealing with all that is the cleaning part that I already mentioned. And some people try to say that the terrible twos are a myth. People who haven’t raised a 2 year old in twenty-odd years say that.

I used to be able to trust him with a sippy cup… now he hides in a corner and spits it on the floor (or whatever else that is in the way of the floor). I even used to be able to trust him with a real cup at the table… now he spills every single one on the floor. He used to play nicely in the bathtub… now he tries his hardest to get water all over the floor.

On Tuesday he tried to light the house on fire by climbing up on his stool, getting a steak knife off the counter (bad enough!), and putting it into the microwave. That’s one way to find out the fire alarm does NOT work even though I just tested it when we moved in. So, after leaving him for 5 minutes I go downstairs to find the whole first floor full of smoke, and I start freaking out thinking my house is on fire.

On Wednesday he somehow got the vaselline off a high shelf in his room (while he was supposed to be napping– napping? What’s that?) and he had smeared it all over his face, neck, and shirt before I caught him. It was so thick that he couldn’t even see out of one eye!! I was kicking myself for forgetting to take pictures. The same day he also tore up about 10 expensive green tea bags and dumped the contents on the floor of the kitchen. Plus, about 5 spilled drinks. Oh yeah, the dog peed on the floor too (that’s what he does when I discipline him).

The good news is that Lillian couldn’t be an easier baby if she tried. I say that even though I now have 3x the dirty diapers to change. 🙂


4 Responses to "Terrible Twos"

I’m thinking it is time to introduce the “rod of correction” remember one over every doorway? Now you know why!

Wow, I used to think the “terrible” in terrible twos was mainly chosen for the purpose of alliteration. Obviously, I was mistaken! Steak knives and smoke pouring out of the microwave?! Sheesh. This just proves how fortunate children are to have parents — especially moms who love them enough to have a “rod of correction” hanging over every doorway. YEA FOR PARENTS! (You can do it, Alicia!)

Oh, good so it’s not just my kids 🙂 I really believe in “adjusting to be a sibling” phases and it sounds like that might be happening on top of being 2…from a mom who has been there a couple times, it passes (in addition to that rod). Hurray for a great baby – I can’t wait to see her!

Sounds like you’ve been busy… hopefully Brendan will be back to normal when he gets used to Lilian being around… 🙂

Good Luck with him!

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