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He keeps me busy…

Posted on: February 22, 2008



This is what Brendan accomplished while I was in the shower.  He was very thorough.  His kitchen on the other side of the room was completely covered as well.  Only one corner escaped, and I think that was because he ran out of baby powder.

Here I am with only two kids wondering how on earth you are supposed to take care of , your house, your kids, and especially your spouse and not go around with huge circles under your eyes and 5 foot long toenails.   It’s a little depressing for someone who feels like she should be superwoman, and thinks she is expected to be.  Wah.


5 Responses to "He keeps me busy…"

i love it when you share your… shall we call them, difficulties 🙂 it makes me feel more normal. you arent superwoman and no one expects you to be, you are just a great mom and wife who is adjusting to some new (person) things in your life. youll get it figured out, and then youll help me with it in, ummm, about 7 months!!!
hang in there, ill bring you a roll of duct tape for the boy next time i come over! jk!!

oh alicia! you know, i take my shower at night AFTER the kids are in bed and I know they are actually asleep. Then, I know they are not going to trash the house AND I can actually take a nice relaxing shower. 🙂 wow, that though must be a boy…josie would not be that creative with baby powder. maybe i should start preparing for when josiah is that age! 🙂
love you!!!

I cannot get ahead…
I couldn’t find the powder anywhere yesterday when I cleaned. B just did. Now I have a whole room to dust and vacuum and mop. AGAIN! I could just scream.

bless your heart…i’d totally come help you but i threw my back out on Wed and i’m walking around like a 90 year old. it’s definitely an adjustment with 2 kids. it’ll get easier…just takes some time and adjustment. please let me know if you need ANYTHING!!!

What is a shower? Just kidding…kids sure make our day interesting huh? I don’t think superwomen had kids 🙂 You’re doing great and keep laughing at moments like these – that way your family can keep getting bigger and bigger and busier and busier. Nothing like investing in a great house cleaning service in the meantime 🙂

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