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100 Things

Posted on: April 4, 2008

Chinese Outfit

Check out this great outfit that Eva got L when she was in China. It’s all padded, and should be great next winter. She just got to go around the world– Hawaii, Australia, and China. Apparently you save a lot of money doing it all in bulk instead of seeing them all separately. I’ll keep that in mind next time I have a few thousand dollars lying around. hehe

I thought that was a good header for my list of 100 things to do before I die. This has been going around the blog world a lot lately. Here’s one I particularly like: Mighty Girl Check out all 100 of hers, then see her list of 100 Things Worth Doing that she describes as things she has seen/done that she hopes “flashes before her eyes” at the end of her life. Her blog is one of the funniest I read.

Here’s the first half (the next half may take a while!) Keep in mind that it is not in order of importance:

1. Have a big family
2. Finish remodeling my house
3. Become a patient person
4. Decorate my house just like I want
5. Knit the dress in the back of Baby Knits for Beginners
6. Sew clothes for Lillian
7. Finish the kid’s scrapbooks and baby-books
8. Finish my Amy Butler quilt
9. Finish reading the novel book list in A Well Educated Mind
10.Finish reading Anna Karenina
11. Have a successful veggie garden
12. Plant my own orchard, and have a successful harvest
13. Live in the country
14. See my kid’s grow up
15. Become debt free
16. Visit France
17. See all 50 states
18. Take the kids to a pumpkin patch
19. Have a well outfitted kitchen (for baking)
20. Learn to be disciplined
21. Visit Morgan in Thailand
22. See all 50 states
23. Visit Florence, Italy
24. Visit the land of L.M. Montegomery– Prince Edwards Island.
25. Go on a Carribean Cruise.
26. Make every recipe from Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey: Desserts for the Serious Sweet Tooth
27. Finish my “To Do” List
28. Cook a meal with the veggies from my own garden.
29. Teach my kids to sew/knit.
30. Spend a nice summer evening on my own porch swing in peace and quiet.
31. Have a big anniversary party with dancing a booze (we were underage when we wed). 🙂 Maybe 10 year?
32. Have a cool family portrait taken
33. Plant my own flower garden
34. Go snorkeling
35. Go sailing
36. Get into shape
37. Take Brendan berry picking this summer and bake with the berries

38. Learn how to can produce (from my garden preferably)
40. See the pyramids in person
41. See my daughter play dress-up with her cousin Libby
42. Become an expert pastry chef (for my family) 🙂
43. Get organized
44. See my brother’s graduate college/get married
45. See Brendan’s face when he gets his train for his birthday
46. Design my own house (with a little help)
47. Write a book
48. Go back to school
49. teach my kids to cook
50. teach my kids to love God


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[…] Cooking, Gardening — Ali @ 11:52 pm A little more than a year ago I made half of my “100 Things to Do Before I Die” list inspired by Mighty Girl. A lot of exciting things have been happening to her lately […]

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