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Posted on: April 9, 2008

I always like reading about things to do in Kansas City from different places, because I always learn about new things.  I really want to try out Lidia’s Kansas City and a couple other places after reading about them in this article from Midwest Living.

Peeing Fountain

I actually love Kansas City, and it’s not just because this is where my family is.  This pic is the last I could find of us at the plaza even though we go a lot.  Check out cute little B.  🙂 I wish I knew how old he is here, but the dates seem to be wrong on Picasa.  He can’t be much older than Lillian though.  I’m kind of missing my old SHORT hair!


8 Responses to "KC"

Is that the same trip to the Plaza that we took when David visited? if so, I can track down the date.

I think it was May 27th, 2006.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Lidia’s — even from people who sat at the same table on the same night. I’ll be interested to hear what you think, if you make it over there at some point. My guess is that it’s probably yummy but people just have differing opinions on how pricey a good dinner should be. (?)

first off, we love lidia’s! that was greg and my first date and we really liked it. your short hair does look great but i do LOVE your long hair now…you are beautiful either way. 😉 so how old is b in that pic? could you be any thinner!!! i think i need to get with it so i can fit back in my jeans!!! man, you look great!

yes i agree with mrs. bancks…i had heard mixed reviews as well. it’s different italian then like anthony’s or cafe italia, but we still enjoyed it. let us know what you think if you try it out! fun atmosphere for sure!

Yes, that photo was taken when I visited, so it had to have been in 2006, probably May, because I hadn’t yet started my current job. Brendan is looking/sounding cuter than ever!

I have that same tank top, in blue of course- haha.

LOVE Lidia’s. 🙂 We’ve been there several times for special occasions and it hasn’t disappointed us yet. The key is to get the pasta trio (different pastas every night.) If you are lucky one of the pastas will be the Gnocchi. Melt in your mouth amazing! We also went for a Sunday brunch one day… very authentic. Made me want to move to a villa in Tuscany. Well… I guess that’s not the ONLY reason I’d want to move there. 😀

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