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Nappy Bag

Posted on: April 10, 2008

I finally finished my Nappy Bag for Lillian.  I’ve had the fabric (Ginny got it for me), since Christmas!  It’s a good thing it’s an easy project, or I wouldn’t have it done now.  Took me about 2 weeks, and an average of 15 minutes a day. 🙂



I love this fabric!  It’s Amy butler of course.  The lining is from Joanne’s.  And I like the bag a lot… obviously, this is the second one I’ve made for myself and probably the 6th I’ve made overall.


5 Responses to "Nappy Bag"

Love the fabric! Congrats on finishing. 🙂

What’s a nappy bag?


Your nappy bag looks great! I am currently working on one and I am stuck. My problem is with the bottle pockets that go on either side of the interior. Do they render 4 of the pockets useless when you sew it on top of them? I can’t figure out the logic of it and am considering leaving them out altogether. Would love to get your input on them!

Thanks Sandi!
Yes, you’re right about the bottle pockets going on top of the other pockets. Doesn’t make much sense to me either. I’ve thought about leaving off the bottle pockets before too. BUT I never have because the bottle pockets are just so handy! Much more convenient than I think those other pockets would be. Plus, you end up with two little pockets inside the bottle pockets that are great for things like pens and chapstick. So, I just think of it as having two bottle pockets, and two diaper pockets. It works out well for me…
Enjoy your nappy bag. I’m on my second one (of my own), and it’s lasted me 2 1/2 years so far! I love it!

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