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Posted on: April 14, 2008

“Summer afternoon– Summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English Language.” -Henry James For me, right now, I would replace those two words with SPRING AFTERNOON. 🙂

My seeds were planted almost a month ago now, and will hopefully be ready to plant at the first of May. I’ve never done seedlings before though, so hopefully they will be ok. Didn’t hurt to try however it turns out. I got my first seeds in the garden last Monday, and added to them today. Only lettuces and parsley so far.

Here’s my little helper with one of the gardening tools from his Grandma Toney.


4 Responses to "Gardening"

that’s great. We always try one or two seeds in our kitchen window and they never grow. Maybe we should try a garden like yours outside, that looks awesome. Good luck!

do you do this when l is napping or do you take her out with you? josiah is not a big fan of being outdoors yet but i think it’s because of his lack of being able to do anything but sit and watch and to him that’s pretty boring. 🙂 we try and go out every afternoon but i get pretty exhausted holding him…he gets pretty fussy just sitting in the stroller. what does l hang out in outside?

great garden….i’m jealous!!

Garden looks fabulous! Now just keep that BB gun handy for the squirrels… jk! … sort-of.

L isn’t a fan of outside yet either. I get little bits done with her awake, but the big stuff I do during her naps. B loves to be outside, so he usually can entertain himself (with the dog’s help). She does like to go on walks in her stroller, have you done that much with Josiah? I want to find her a shady baby area… I’ve seen them at Target before, but no luck this year yet.

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