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Posted on: May 14, 2008

I took this picture while walking behind them pushing Lillian in the stroller on just one of our many walks to the park this spring. We actually have two really nice parks withing walking distance, and are trying to be more active these days. Easy when the weather has been so beautiful (when it’s not storming). Chad especially has been doing good being more active these days. If I didn’t hate to run with a passion, maybe I’d be doing a little better around the waist too. 🙂 I have been doing a LOT of pilates lately, but it just doesn’t work as well as cardio for burning those calories.

Anyway, enough about boring exercise. On to Mother’s day. It was really great this year: all the men in my family got together and cooked for the women. And I don’t mean your run of the mill meal either. I’m talking 7 course Italian mega meal. 🙂 First was the bread: toasted italian with olive oil dipping sauce. 2: Minestrone (Chad needs to cook this for me all the time) 3: Salad with imported pepperoni, salami, feta, olives, and I’m blanking out on the other cheese (help Jeremy! He walked a total of 4 miles to the farmer’s market to get the ingredients!) 4. Homemade mango sorbet to cleanse the palet 5. grilled, marinated turkey breast 6. beef short ribs (also grilled) with a fancy sauce drizzled over it (I’m not sure if I’ve ever had short ribs before– tasty!) 7. the best Tiramasu I’ve ever tasted (I don’t even like it usually! I taught my baby brother well. lol). Thanks men!!


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fun – nursing has always been the best thing for me after babies – I nurse pretty often the first 6 months for this selfish reason…lose weight sooner, schedule later! I also cut the grass with the baby in a backpack carrier for great exercise. Either way, you look great already!

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