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Getting Old

Posted on: May 20, 2008

Yesterday Chad surprised me with some friends from out of town to help celebrate #27. It was really great to see them, and their son Connor (that’s him on B’s trike). The last time was Christmas, and they only live 2 hours away! We went for a picnic at Loose Park, hung out all day, did a little shopping, tried Culver’s Custard for the first time (Sheridan’s is definitely better), and topped the day off with Mexican and Margaritas at El Maquey. Lots of eating obviously. Maybe our walking balanced it out a little bit though.

I also got two new cookbooks that look awesome. They are both by the same author as my Sticky book, which I’ve mentioned plenty of times before. Sweet Nothings and Simple French Desserts.

I can’t wait to get started cooking from them! But, speaking of Sticky, here’s the Dark Chocolate Soup I made on Friday night for Girls Night with a little scoop of cookies and cream icecream:

No wonder I can’t loose any weight. 🙂 This was amazing.


1 Response to "Getting Old"

Oh man, that chocolate soup looks… I can’t come up with a strong enough adjective. MMMMMMMMMMMMM

Happy Birthday, girl!

P.S. So which new cookbook do you like best so far? Both cover pics are making me hungry.

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