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Posted on: June 16, 2008

Here’s the dessert I alluded to in my last post. Baklava straight out of the oven. Five minutes later I spread the honey syrup all over it, and it just looked a little gooeyer. hehe. I was going to take another pic today of it sliced up (there was like half of it left it was so big), but Brendan got to it first and totally demolished it. Still edible, but not picture worthy. Argh.

I got this awesome recipe from recipezaar.

I think my mom’s new blog may really save me some time. I was going to tell you about the rest of the details, but she already did!

In other news: staying busy trying to get ready for the wedding in Florida Independence Day weekend. Last week I finished all the plans for the bachelorette party, now I just have to buy some supplies (not going into details in case the bride happens to find the time to read this). I got my dress on Saturday, and proceeded to flip out a little bit because it was really big. Yikes. Today I couldn’t get a babysitter, and of course I have a migraine, so I haven’t made to much headway on the dress, but I was able to find the perfect strappy heels for only $30! Yes!


4 Responses to "Baklava"

so are the things in the middle of each”piece” the clove that you aren’t supposed to eat? that is beautiful! was it tricky? all the folding sounded confusing but it didn’t sound too bad otherwise. what did you think?

too bad you don’t have a proper closet to store your nice shoes, they must get in the way of your typing. baklava looks good, Oppa!

I’m craving that Baklava! Very cute shoes, I hope they are comfortable.

Good thing you’re coming over tomorrow then. 🙂

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