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Shiny Floor

Posted on: June 17, 2008

So, here’s what our kitchen looked like when we bought it. See that grody carpet? Not very well, but believe me, it was grody. So, I finally got fed up and made Chad pull it all up. Plus one layer of sticky tile. I was thinking that even if it was horrible tile underneath at least I can keep tile clean.

Here’s what it looks like after at least 6 hours of cleaning. Two of which were today. It looks ok now, but in two days the stickiness that I still haven’t gotten to budge will make it look horrible again. I know because that’s what happened to the part of the floor I had done of Friday. Plus, I cut myself on the side of the scraper where there’s a blade. Wah. Maybe we should just slap some cheap stuff one. Will I regret it when it makes us take longer to do the real remodel?


4 Responses to "Shiny Floor"

Wow, that has to feel great to have that carpet up. Does Goo Gone make a dent on the adhesive?

I’ve been using Mr. Clean’s Orange Clean for floors. It’s the only thing that made a dent. It would’ve taken too much goo gone! 🙂

greg always used goof off. and that works like a charm…is that the same as goo gone??

it looks nice and clean

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