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Weekend Roundup

Posted on: June 23, 2008

Outside:  The garden is recovering from the bunny/squirrel invasion very nicely thanks to kitty litter and Marigolds.  I’ll try to get some pics up tomorrow.  What a beautiful day we had today!  I was a little doubtful this morning when it started out with a storm!

I am Thinking:  I have so much to do before Friday.  I hope I can remember everything, and not drive Chad or the kids crazy with my stress.  Type A’s can be so hard to live with sometimes. 🙂

I am Thankful For: my best friends getting married (finally), and giving us an excuse to go back to FLORIDA!

In My Kitchen:  Not much going on this weekend.  Thursday night I made a great meal out of my Hawaiian cookbook that I got for my last birthday.

I am wearing: white tank undershirt, khaki pants,  and bare feet.  It’s hot!

Latest Creative Endeavor: Still working on the quilt for Lillian.  Also one for the new cousin.

I am going: to check out the Children’s museum in Atlanta, GA on the way to Florida.  Anyone else been there before?  We’re trying to break up the 21 hour road trip in to fun, manageable segments for B’s sake.

Can’t Wait For: The Bachelorette party I’ve planned at the Melting Pot!  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a REAL bachelorette party.  All my other friends and I got married to young.

Family News: Had lunch at my G-ma’s house today.  She made some awesome homemade pesto.  YUM!  I can’t wait to have enough basil in the garden to make some of my own!  The rest of the fam is out of town.

Current Read: Mainly just  The Subtle Knife. It’s a real page-turner.

I am hoping: All the flowers I just bought half off make it through my trip.  For that matter I hope all the plants do.  Thankfully one of my bros will be house-sitting.

I am hearing: a quiet house, except Chad just came in from taking back There Will Be Blood to a nearby redbox.  Like I needed an excuse to get a dr. pepper for a buck at McDonalds.  Now I get free movies too!  🙂

Around the house: so much to do I don’t want to think about it. 🙂

Simple Pleasures: B running giggling through a fire hydrant sprinkler the firemen set up at chad’s church party.

Plans for the Weekend: Carbondale to visit friends, Atlanta like I said before,  then ending up in Florida. Lots and Lots of driving.  No idea how L will do.  B should be ok though.  Especially if we get to borrow my mom’s dvd player.


1 Response to "Weekend Roundup"

have wonderful trip! we all spent 12 hours in the car earlier in the year. both kids got a little stir crazy…the dvd did help for a bit but boy did they want out of those carseats. i even had to get creative with nursing the baby without getting him out of his carseat so we could keep going. oh the joys of motherhood! hehe, all worth it though!!! have a blast!

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