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I’m Back

Posted on: August 1, 2008

So, I’m a little behind on my posts. Not much time for updating either! Already time to start supper! The days are just going by way to fast! Started going to to YMCA again, and that’s sucking away two or three hole mornings a week. G and I are switching off, since we don’t feel like putting the little girls in the nursery. She goes at 8:30, then I go around 10. Then lunch, then the productive part of the day is over.

As you can see– L is still managing to be productive. Already standing holding on to something! She gets around really fast crawling these days too!

He’s really active, but if you can catch him he’ll purr like crazy and cuddle up to you. Very laid back with B too! His name is Caesar Augustus.

And I’ve been cooking of course. Still trying new recipes from my new Rachel Ray book.

This is Florentine (ground turkey) meatballs with cheese sauce. Really good! And low fat too (yeah right).

Yesterday I took the kids swimming at the cool indoor pool at the Y. They really enjoy it– especially since friends came too!

Oh, and if you noticed Chad’s comment on the last blog post, then you know that Titus has been sick. Poor Dog. Took him to the vet, because I thought he might have mange or something. Vet though he just had allergies. Started him on meds, plus canned dog food to fatten the poor guy up. Two days later he barfs, pees, and poops (stinky green diahrea) all over the downstairs. When I say “all over” I’m not exaggerating. It was so disgusting. Thank God we don’t have carpet!

OK! So, on to cooking supper. Have a good day everyone!


3 Responses to "I’m Back"

oh my goodness our dog has the SAME thing (with the skin!). he’s not throwing up or diarrhea but her skin is raw and bleeding from itching. she’s on 4 meds (2 antibiotics, a steroid, and an antihistamine). seriously….i wonder what it could be??? l is really mastering things early!!! what a cutie…glad you’re posting again, missed you!

well, I’m excited again that I have not given into my kids begging for a dog! How exciting about the exercise routine – it will be so worth the loss time when you are not tired and feel great about yourself (plus you’ll be able to keep up with that cute little girl growing so fast)…keep up the good work!

by the way, my other dog was up all night puking and with diarrhea. nice…..

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