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About Myself Again

Posted on: August 6, 2008

On Chad’s request:

Outside: We only spent a little time outside today. I let B run around in his sprinkler. I think I’ve decided that he would be just as happy with just the hose, because usually he just sits and plays with one of the streams of water anyway. Oh well. Things are going pretty well in the garden. I actually have four or five green tomatoes that I’m keeping my eye on! I have four or five jalapenos about ready for harvest, and probably the same amount (or more) from my one banana pepper plant. My decorative squash plant continues to grow a mile a minute. I’ll have to get you a pic of that crazy thing soon. My garden has liked all this heat, even if I haven’t.

In My Kitchen: I have lined up to make: scones (for the first time), peach and blueberry crumble (to use up the fruits I bought over the weekend), Chocolate malt icecream (have to get get more use out of that before we run out of summer!), and banana muffins (also to use up fruit).

I am wearing: Jean skirt, pink t-shirt with sequins, and flip flops. Even though its a cooler day outside I still get pretty hot doing housework, so I basically wear as little as possible (yes, I’m aware that that sounds bad).

Latest Creative Endeavor: Well, I recently found out that G and J will not be needing the girl quilt that I started for them… I bet I can find another use for it though. So, now I’m thinking what I can do instead. If you want to know why they won’t be needing girly things, you’d better ask one of them. 🙂 Needing to work on a nappy bag for a friend, but I’m not having much success getting to it. Gotta get a better schedule going! I even started getting up earlier, but so did my kids! =(

I am going: to stay home tonight, and try to get caught up.

Can’t Wait For: Chad and I are going to Worlds of Fun in a couple weekends with his work. We haven’t been in a few years (pregnancy always seems to get in the way). 🙂

Family News: B finally pooped in the potty. He actually said it was easy, so maybe it’ll happy again sometime soon. Maybe there is an end in site to cleaning poop out of underwear…

Current Read: Small Town Big Miracle is one of the books I’m reading.

I am hoping: my kids will get over their colds very soon, and B won’t get any more hives. That the hives aren’t from the cat. And that C isn’t allergic to the cat either. He remembered after he brought the cat home that he’s had suspicions that he might be allergic to other’s cats.

I am hearing: Butch Walker is what I listen to a lot lately.

Around the house:Getting baby clothes together to loan out to G. Washing, sorting. About to go back to cleaning the floors. I can’t even get all my laundry done in one day anymore– to much washing sheets going on.

Simple Pleasures:Iced Chai latte is nice on an ichy throat.

Plans for the Weekend: Chad has another 5 k on Sunday. Hopefully going to the church movie night on Friday night. I’m not sure what else yet.


2 Responses to "About Myself Again"

hummmmm, sounds like there is a boy in the works!!!! i’m assuming they had another sonogram???? i’m going to have to email her!!!! 🙂

Sounds like your garden is doing great! I am so disappointed with mine this year. The worst I have ever had. (bad yard placement). oh well

Enjoy all your veggies.

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