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Caesar the Cat

Posted on: August 8, 2008

I’ve been meaning to share a funny cat story…

A couple nights ago C and I were laying in bed, and we realized we never locked the cat away for the night (she messes with us and purrs so loudly at night she can’t be loose), and she wasn’t around. C said sort of jokingly “maybe B has her with him in bed” (B had been asleep for about an hour). I said “surely not” right away, but after thinking about it a second I figured I’d better find out. I went in to his bedroom to look. Sure enough– there the cat was locked in the grip of a sleeping toddler. The funniest thing was he just laid there purring contentedly. Why I didn’t take a picture I have no idea. I unlocked B’s arms from around Ceasar, and he just laid there! I was mean and still made him go to the bathroom. B needs all the help he can get to sleep through the night these days! Half the time he ends up in bed with me before 6 am.

Another funny thing: we finally introduced the dog and cat earlier that same night. Titus always stays downstairs (poor thing is scared of the stairs), and Caesar had never ventured down. So, C put the cat halfway down the stairs. Titus came over, never venturing beyond the 3rd step (because after that his back feet would’ve been off the ground). Caesar hissed and made himself big, and stared Titus down, and we’re pretty sure he won. He’s probably a tenth of Titus’s size. lol

B does have underwear on btw.


1 Response to "Caesar the Cat"

cute story! and girl let me tell you…Josie has been waking up around 4 to go potty then she is up at 6:20 every morning…no matter what time she goes to bed. and that is just recently. she was getting up 2 or 3 times a night for a while before this. i think it’s the age maybe??? we’re exhausted!!!

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