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Boycotting CVS

Posted on: August 19, 2008

Not all of them. Just the one on Wornal and 75th St. Allow me to vent:

I went to CVS to get some claritin because I was grocery shopping near there and I had a couple coupons to use. I also had a coupon for a free chapstick. So, I gathered everything I needed (their claritin is overpriced btw– even their off-brand, which is what I buy). The cashier seems nice. I didn’t have my cvs card, so I asked her to look up my account. No problem. She rings everything up, then tries to use my coupon. The computer apparently tells her that the coupon won’t work for the account. She tells me that it must be the wrong account. “The coupons says Alicia T****– Who are you?” I said that I am Alicia, and I gave her the same phone number that I used the previous day when the coupons printed out. All of a sudden she starts accusing me of trying to use someone else’s coupons. So, I tell her again that I gave her the same phone number that I gave the other day, and it was right then because it says my name on the coupon. She said something else, and I told her that she never told me what name came up when she put my number in. Apparently a name doesn’t come up (that’s stupid). She gets all defensive that she couldn’t have put in the wrong number, then calls over the manager. He looks at the receipt and finds out that the coupon is expired. She rattles on more. Apparently one of them worked, but the other two were expired. I said I didn’t want the chapstick, because I was only getting it because it was free (really I didn’t want it because I was ticked off). They asked if I wanted everything else. He explains again that they were expired. I said I understand, and that “I am only frustrated because of the way she accused me, and handled the whole situation badly, so I just wanted him to know that.” He said that he understood and that they would talk about that. I said thank you. Then the receipt printed out and he patronizingly tells me “here, you’ve got another coupon!”. Grrr. The coupons were beside the point!!!! I was fighting back tears by the time that was all over. I realize that if you don’t know me that well that won’t mean much to you. Just ask my husband how often I actually cry. I had more shopping to do too!

Don’t you just hate service these days! I worked in customer service from the time I was 15 until I got married at 20, then off and on in different capacities after that. I never would treat someone that like woman treated me today. What happened to “the customer is always right?” Even if she had been a teenager I would’ve given her some leeway (even though I was a teenager most of the time I was in retail), but she was older than my mother!

Anyway, this one situation wouldn’t be enough to make me completely boycott this CVS (even though I would not want to run into that cashier again). Two weeks ago I took in two prescriptions at the drive through late at night, and told them I would pick them up the following morning. I went to pick them up and they could not find them. The clueless pharmacy worker finally dug one up that, come to find out, was not even a prescription and I could’ve gotten in the night before over -the-counter. They completely misplaced the actual prescription. This is where she should have confidently told me that they would call my dr immediately and get the prescription replaced. No, after hemming and hawing she told me that they could call the dr and that they do that over lunch hour, so the prescription would probably be ready sometime that day. Excuse me! I left and called her manager. The only thing that saved that situation is that by the time I called the manager she was already aware of the situation, and was taking care of it.

But I’m done with that place! Good thing (for me) that Walgreens is right across the street! Anyone else have similar problems lately?

Time for some yoga. šŸ™‚


3 Responses to "Boycotting CVS"

actually that has happened to me in the pharmacy. the lady asked me my last name and apparently didn’t believe me when i spelled it out to her. so i spelled it out a 2nd time and she still looked under ‘dole’. finally a 3rd time i went inside and i talked to another woman who immediately found it and the old lady that i had to spell it out to twice blamed why she couldn’t find it on someone else. i was like ‘are you kidding me!!’ that happened to me 2 separate times, from the same old lady!!! well, she’s not there anymore so i wonder if that’s her at your store!!!!

Your dad had a terrible experience at the Pharmacy. They totally ignored him and helped the people in the drive through instead. His prescription was ready and there were plenty of employees there but they just let him stand there. He finally let them have it, in a controlled manner of course. He told them that next time he would just go hold up the drive through if that was the only way to get service.

I have been going to CVS weekly using the Grocery Game and getting lots of stuff. The employees have been great so far, except for one guy who was in the photo department and although he asked me to come over there seemed put out when I had coupons. The women have been very supportive.

Luckily if this one gets a bad attitude I have another one close by that I can still take advantage of.

oh wow, you poor thing – I also worked in customer service for years and can’t believe how it has changed since then. We love the HyVee Pharmacy in LIberty – George Bush went there this past year. Hope you had fun at Worlds of Fun this past weekend šŸ™‚

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