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Weekend Summary

Posted on: August 19, 2008

Outside: I got lots of squash out of the garden this last week along with the usual jalapeños, banana peppers, and herbs.  My zucchini plants have died of some kind of trunk rot.  My Gma says that’s been going around this year because of all the rain.  My squashes have done better than hers apparently.

In My Kitchen: I managed to make all four things on my list last time.  I’ve also made chocolate chips cookies full of lots of toasted nuts and white and milk chocolate chips, stuffed zucchini/squash/green peppers, and more tequila lime chicken with pico do gayo.  That was all for Sunday lunch when my fam came over.

I am wearing: jeans, Old Navy 2006 Independence day tank, flip flops.  I was going to change to painting clothes, but I never got around to that today thanks to a headache (what else is new) and a long nap today.  Plus some sewing.  I’ll have a craft to post pretty soon!

Latest Creative Endeavor: Speaking of crafts… almost have a friend’s diaper bag ready for her!  Still a month out from the baby’s due date too!

I am going: Probably go run errands tomorrow.  The Y on Wednesday.  Brother Nick’s going away party at my parent’s house that night.   Thurs a friend and her kids are coming over for lunch.  The Y again on Friday.

Can’t Wait For: My next yoga class! I went on Friday, and it was so great! I felt really good about myself after it, because I was so surprisingly flexible!  🙂  The instructor was very good too.  The class was challenging– she would tell hard and easy options, and usually I could do all the hard stuff!

Family News: We had a really good day Saturday going garage saling, then to the farmer’s market, then thrift storing.  We got so many awesome deals at the thrift stores!  It made up for the lack of garage sales.

Current Read: I’m embarassed to think how many books I’ve started lately.  Every intention to finish them too.

I am hoping: To be done with potty training SOME DAY.  With B at least.  And to loose a couple more pounds in the next two weeks.

I am hearing: U2– With or Without You.  It just sounded good today.

Around the house:Laundry Day. I can’t believe how much laundry I do these days!  Getting some painting done.  Maybe I’ll get some pics of the finished product up soon.

Simple Pleasures:Dr. Pepper helps with grumpy children (when the mom drinks it- not the kids)

Plans for the Weekend: Worlds/Oceans of Fun with Chad!


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