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Bombed Experiment

Posted on: August 26, 2008

B and I tried to make bath crayons tonight. I guess we’ll have to try again after I find soap flakes. I tried to use the ivory soap I have chopped up in the food processor (just like when I make laundry detergent). The Ivory was too soft, so it didn’t get into small enough chunks. I’m still going to have B try these out in the tub tomorrow morn. Surely they’ll at least color the water. That and a couple stories is all that we got done today for school, so art and literature. 🙂 We’ve managed to get some school fit into a little more than half of our days, so that’s pretty good for preschool! Life is his classroom.


11 Responses to "Bombed Experiment"

When you do find the right “recipe” for the bath crayons, please share it! How fun just to be able to try such a thing.

Good luck!


wow! 1/2 of your day is school!!! josie is only lasting an hour. but that doesn’t count our usual reading time…so maybe an hour and a half. your boy must have some attention span!!!

I would love to hear how you make your laundry detergent. Never even considered that and it sounds smart, smart, smart.

I love homeschooling my two daughters. We’re having a lot of fun (and learning lots, of course), but we haven’t tried the bath crayon art-would love your recipe for that too, if it’s not top secret.

B looks like he’s having a blast!


I wasn’t very clear when I said half of our days– I meant that we aren’t doing it every day. hehe. I find that B actually has less attention span (for reading anyway) than he had in the spring when we first started “homeschooling”.

Once I get the recipe to work I will gladly share! Otherwise I’m going to search for one that actually does work! The only ones that I’ve gotten from the store didn’t write very well at all, so I’d really like to find some that do!

Here is the recipe I used. Sorry I never got around to posting it on my site. I didn’t use ivory like they call for because I can’t get it here, so I just took two bars of white soap and grated it with my cheese grater. I also added TONS of food coloring. The crayons come out dark, but show up better in the tub that way. I also put them in the freezer for a few hours in their molds, and let them dry out for a few days on top of the fridge.

oh, duh! seriously alicia, my brain is really failing me lately. could it be because i’m in my 30’s now…i hope not! i still feel SO young!!! hehe!

how fun…we’ll have to try that recipe. You’ll know all about 1/2 of your day being school when you go to FCA Allison 🙂 Great job with homeschooling Alicia – it looks like you’re doing great!

Reminds me of our failed soap experiment in the good ole homeschooling days. What great pictures we have from that one too though.

Thanks for passing on the recipe. Can’t wait to try it!

~Shannon (my silly blog) (my serious blog)

yeah i hope she lasts 1/2 a day at FCA!!!! im sure she’ll get better at it once she gets the hang of it. 🙂 we’re having fun though!

[…] — Ali @ 2:50 am My friend Morgan was kind enough to post her recipe for Bath Crayons on a previous post. So, instead of retrying my recipe (which I’ll post below), I used her recipe. I didn’t […]

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