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Posted on: August 27, 2008

Outside: Haven’t spent much time outside this week to be honest. I’m going to regret it when it gets cold! I’ve gone out just to get some mint, peppers, and squash. The above pic is the harvest from my crazy decorative squash plants (which I need a pic of– coming soon) I did order seeds for a fall garden though! From Bountiful Gardens– there’s a link over in the sidebar I believe.

In My Kitchen: I’ve been trying to get other things done this week. I did make a mean salmon fillet yesterday (that I should’ve taken a pic of) from the latest Everyday Food magazine. I have a free subscription to that and like it a lot. May do some baking tomorrow…

I am wearing: jeans and t shirt. bleh

Latest Creative Endeavor: Some secret stuff, plus the bath crayons from yesterday. I did another batch today– more on that tomorrow hopefully. I did let B use the bombed ones in the tub today. Lol. They bombed of course.

I am going: to my first Pi- Yo class tomorrow morning, plus a garage sale hopefully. Both cars are acting up right now though…

Can’t Wait For: Friday when we head to Oklahoma for a wedding plus a different wedding reception the next day (both in the same family). The wedding that I was Maid of Honor in in FL will now have a reception in OK for those people. That’s where the bride and I are from (and of course where we met in 4th grade). Her brother is getting married the same weekend.

Family News: Chad and I had a fun day at Worlds and Oceans of Fun. I didn’t feel that great from the get-go, but it was nice to get out by ourselves for awhile. Kids did good at GG’s too.

Current Read: I just started another book (lol) called The Creative Family, and I like it a lot so far. I need all the help I can get!

I am hoping: To get everything done I need to to leave town on Friday afternoon. All of a sudden it feels like a lot tonight.

I am hearing: C brushing his teeth.

Around the house:Floor cleaning day. Didn’t get much else done somehow– just trying to keep my head above water and wishing I didn’t have so much floor to clean!

Simple Pleasures:Watching L have so much fun tapping her hands on the stairs while climbing (I really need to stop her from doing that, but she has so much fun!)

Plans for the Weekend: Outta town! Hanging out with best friend and her new HUSBAND for the first time!


2 Responses to "More Summarizing"

Your decorative squash are sooo cute!

oh i hear ya girl. floor cleaning for us was yesterday. lots of mopping. what do you use for your wood floors???

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