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8 Mo’s Old and Other Stuff

Posted on: September 3, 2008

The cat missed us at least.  He was so starved for attention the morning after we got back (we arrived at about 1:30A that day), that I found him lying in from of L, and letting her tug away on him while he purred.  He, of course, got up before I could get a pic.

The trip went really well. Lots of fun, and quite exhausting.  A summary in pics:

1.  It was very hot.

2. Stayed at Grandma’s.  L cut her first two teeth.

3. Family looked cute at reception. B loves cake.

4. Back in our dresses.

No pics of the other wedding we went to.  As usual I didn’t do a very thorough job.  Oh well.  We all looked about the same, but I wasn’t quite as dressy.

My Grandma handed down the wedding ring Grandpa gave her when they got married in 1950.  It’s beautiful, and of course means a lot to me.  I miss my Grandpa!  They were married 51 years!


4 Responses to "8 Mo’s Old and Other Stuff"

how fun!!! i LOVE the dresses…i can’t believe how big your babies are getting!!!! time flies!

Alicia, you look so pretty in that picture – what great dresses!

I love the pic of all you girls in your dresses and especially the little one with the bow in her hair.

you look cute

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