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Posted on: September 25, 2008

I’m reading a good book: Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God.

Here’s a quote I like from Gary Thomas about how the marriage relationship stimulates spiritual growth (it is a trial sometimes 🙂

“To spiritually benefit from marriage, we have to be honest.  We have to look at our disappointments, own up to our ugly attitudes, and confront our selfishness.  We also have to rid ourselves of the notion that the difficulties of marriage can be overcome if we simply pray harder or learn a few simple principles.  Most of us have discovered that these “simple steps” work only on a superficial level.  Why is this?  Because there’s a deeper question that needs to be addressed beyond how we can “improve” our marriage: What if God didn’t design marriage to be “easier”? What if God had an end in mind that went beyond our happiness, our comfort, and our desire to be infatuated and happy as if the world were a perfect place?  What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy? … Your marriage is more than a sacred covenant with another person, it is a spiritual discipline designed to help you know God better, trust Him more fully, and love Him more deeply.”

I guess I never really thought of it like that before!  Make sense to me!


1 Response to "Quoting"

Boy, it took me long enough to come to accept this. Not a pleasant thought but I feel much more biblical that a lot of what we are led to believe. How many divorces would be avoided if this concept was more widely taught?

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