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Catching Up

Posted on: September 29, 2008

Outside:Squirrels (I think) have eaten the bulbs and most of the seeds I planted for fall/spring.  I do have some greens and sweet peas coming up though.  Planted more a couple days ago, but they’ll probably just get eaten too.  Two steps forward, one step back like most of homemaking.

In My Kitchen: I’ve been baking some lately, and have requests for recipes, so I’ll probably get those up tomorrow and then you can see what I’ve been doing in my kitchen.  It’s run-on sentence day, didn’t you know?

I am wearing: painting clothes and flip flops.  I’ve been painting my room.  It’s a pretty fun color too… a little unexpected.  So, I’ll be posting that pretty soon too. Promises, promises.

Latest Creative Endeavor:Nothing.  *pout*

I am going:Maybe going to craft night tomorrow night.  I keep missing it!  Hopefully going to see my favorite band this weekend– Waterdeep!  If I can only find a babysitter…

Can’t Wait For:I always look forward to my Friday morning yoga class at the Y.  That’s all I can think of right now.

Family News: Most of you know that my parents will probably be getting some foster kids soon.  That’ll be a big family change that I’m looking forward to.

Lillian started clapping her hands yesterday!

Current Read: I’m still reading the one I quoted from a couple days ago.  Plus, a Self magazine.  Some other books I can’t think of right now.  Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to write this when my brain feels like it’s on stand-by.

I am hoping:To finish painting my room in the next couple days.  That L and I will start feeling better (we’ve been stuffy for a couple weeks, plus I’m having lots of headaches.  Claritin doesn’t seem to be making any difference for me this year).

I am hearing: My fan.  C just came in from taking Speed Racer back to Redbox.  I didn’t see it, but B seemed to enjoy it.  C said it was long.

Around the house: Since I spent so much time on paint prep, etc the rest of the house is needing some cleaning!

Simple Pleasures: 3 year old chatter

Plans for the Weekend:My college bro will be in town, so hopefully hanging out some with him and the rest of the fam.  That reminds me that I need to email him. 🙂

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


1 Response to "Catching Up"

Sounds fun…I cancelled hobby night this month 😦 because I have been out of town and have a bible study tonight…we’ll be back in Oct though – please, please try to come then – we miss ya! and need some crafty people to come back to us wannabes!

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