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Mid-Week Catch-Up

Posted on: October 8, 2008

Outside: My squashes are succumbing to powdery mildew.  I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the effort to try to save them at this late date.  I think I will try a solution of baking soda and water on my yellow squashes.  They were doing so well, until the mildew.  Probably just let the decorative squash go… I’ve gotten so many more than I ever thought possible already!  I’m wishing I planted pumpkin instead.  Next year.  C planted some new shade grass seed in the front, and it seems to be doing well.  If only the warm weather would stick around a little while.  It was cold last night!! I guess I shouldn’t have left windows open in my room!

In My Kitchen: I was afraid I was only going to have recipe posts for a long time, because I’ve been baking so much (perfect weather for it).  So, I decided I’d better just get in a good catch up post.  More fall recipes to come… probably tomorrow.

I am wearing: My workout clothes.  I did yoga at home this morning, because last Wednesday I strained my back in class, so I needed to basically just stretch out. It finally is starting to feel normal again, so I’m trying not to make it worse again.  We did go to the Y so that I could use the elliptical machine though.  I had to go to the grocery store anyway.  The Price Chopper by me probably thinks I only wear workout clothes, and look gross all the time. I’m always combining the trip.  I have to try to save gas though!

Latest Creative Endeavor: I started knitting again!  Maybe I’ll have a little hat to show off soon.

I am going: to walk the 1 mile fun walk in support of the Rachel House (crisis pregnancy center), along with the kids and my G-ma.  C is going to run the 5 k!  I’m excited to put my money (and time) where my mouth is. hehe  Anyone else participating?

Can’t Wait For: My G-ma’s fried chicken and mashed potatoes on Sunday for my uncle’s birthday.  And I always look forward to family get togethers.

Family News: hmmm… B started saying “I love fill-in-the-blank” all the time.  I say “let’s go outside” he says “I love outside!”.  I say “we’re having soup for supper” he says “I love soup!” and so on.  So funny.

Current Read: Shopping for Time and A Constant Heart.  A friend loaned me a copy of that last one.  I think she’ll have a review up on her blog pretty soon about it.  It was about living as a courtier in Queen Elizabeth’s court, which I found very interesting.  It held my attention really well, so I finished it really quickly (despite all my other books I’m reading).  It had a good plot, but to be honest: the heroine drove me a little crazy.  She was just– a little too stupid for me. 🙂  If she’d been smarter there would’ve been no book though.  Overall good for new Christain fiction.

I am hoping: Still hoping to finish painting and cleaning up my room. Also, hoping to get a pic that you can actually tell what color it is.  No success so far.

I am hearing: L refusing to nap. I thought I already had her asleep too.  She should be exhausted.  She never wakes up at night, but last night she woke up 2x and wouldn’t go back to sleep.  I should be napping myself.

Around the house:So much to do, so little time.

Simple Pleasures: Sunny fall days.

Plans for the Weekend: Whoops. I basically already talked about all of it that I have planned.  For Friday night: I might actually be able to see my husband for more than an hour.

Now I’d better go talk (or rock rather) L into taking a nap.


4 Responses to "Mid-Week Catch-Up"

you should really wash your laundry, its growing legs.

i just finished shopping for time…great book! i love those ladies!!!

how fun – the Hanson girls will be joining ya on Sat at the walk – Hoping to run next year! Ha!

Taylor will be running the 5K, I signed him up on Wednesday. I wish I could walk with you!

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