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Posted on: November 5, 2008


Outside: My garden looks pretty sad– I’m needing to clear out all the frost-bitten vines, etc.  I have a TON of leaves to rake too.  Maybe tomorrow?  I did end up getting a ton of squashes out of the garden this year… I should count them. You can see some of them in the above photo.

In My Kitchen: The last thing I baked was protein cookies for Chad.  He’s all about protein these days.  They weren’t very good.  He was happy though.  The next thing will be biter biscuits for L.  I’ve found a couple great baby food making books.  I’ll share sometime soon.

I am wearing: Flip flops (nice day today!), jeans, tank top, and cropped sweater.

Latest Creative Endeavor: I’m kniting knitting knitting.  Two projects down for Christmas so far.  Starting another tonight.  Too bad I can’t post them for a long time. 🙂  I also got some scrap-booking done (finally!) with Ginny yesterday.

I am going: We’re all going to visit my in-laws this weekend.  B has been looking forward to this for a long time!  A long weekend, so that means I need to get a lot done the rest of this week.

Can’t Wait For: Bed.  Sorry- I’ve been exhausted lately.

Family News: B’s amazing me these days with his conversational skills, and L with her walking skills.  She is really walking without support yet, but I’m thinking any day.  The other day B was disappointed about something, and I was really hard pressed not to laugh out loud when he said “oh man!” and sighed.   I don’t know where he got that from.

Current Read: Brisingr

I am hoping: B will soon sleep through the night in his own bed!  *sigh*

I am hearing: The News on tv downstairs.  Exciting times.  You voted, right?

Around the house: I don’t want to talk about it.  hehe

Simple Pleasures: Free chicken sandwiches from Chik-fil-a

Plans for the Weekend: Driving. Eating.  Visiting.

Oh great– B is getting in trouble for making a huge mess on one of the chairs downstairs.  No wonder I don’t want to talk about my house. Better go…


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