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More Pumpkin and Ramblings

Posted on: December 3, 2008

I had one more sweet little pumpkin to use up from celebrating fall.  So, I finally got around to making a pumpkin pie.  I had a few a couple of my Grandma’s really good pie over the weekend, and came home wanting more.  The one I made was a lot different than hers (well, as much different as a pumpkin pie can be).  I found this recipe and was able to use 1% milk in it.  I didn’t miss the fat at all!  And it was slightly healthier than your typical thanksgiving desert, so that’s a plus.

For my last fresh pumpkin recipe of the season I’m planning on trying these pumpkin pie bars. I really love Joy’s blog (where that link takes you), as well as the other recipes I’ve tried of hers.  I doubt I could go wrong with it, but I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

For next Thanksgiving I may make these really cute cupcakes that a friend posted on her blog.  If only I’ll remember!

Anyway, as far as the ramblings go: I’ll just stick with the last week, since I’m really behind.  We went to back to Enid, OK, where I was born, for Thanksgiving along with my entire family.  And I when I say that I mean: Grandma, her 4 sons and wives, 9 grandkids plus 5 spouses , and 9 great-grandkids, plus some extra people.  That’s a lot of food.  A lot of pumpkin pie. 🙂  It was really nice– I got to meat three of the great-grandkids for the first time.  I only wish we could all get together more often!

Unfortunately about half the kids were in some stage of sickness.  Poor L had a fever for two days, couldn’t get any sleep, and we finally gave up and brought her home a day early.  We were exhausted!

So, now I’m trying to get the holiday decorating done.  Normally I would’ve gotten that done by now (I’m really into it), BUT I’ve been a little distracted by Eclipse since I got home.  Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. 🙂  Now that that’s finished I should be able to focus a little more.  Trying to save the 4th and last book in the series until our trip back to IL in a couple weeks for Christmas.  We’ll see…


2 Responses to "More Pumpkin and Ramblings"

haha!! now you are curesed with the tempation of breaking dawn… and i can finally get some thing done!

Those cupcakes are really cute, leave it to Deanna, what a great idea she had to modify the recipe to save money I need to learn from that.

I remember the days when I lost sleep over fiction…

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