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Christmas Food!

Posted on: December 14, 2008


There has been a LOT of baking going on here this week!  The chocolate cookies above are heaven– Ultimate Chocolate Dipped Cookies.  They are very messy though.  The chocolate ganache that they’re dipped in  doesn’t really harden.  Then you have your basic sugar cookie recipe from Martha with Royal icing or just powdered sugar.  Great recipe because she has several different ways to use the one base recipe.


In this pic you can see two other ways I used that basic recipe– the orange spritz I did with cookie cutters instead of a cookie press (which I don’t have); they are the ones drizzled in chocolate behind the candles.  I also did my own thing with the snowball cookies (instead of what Martha suggests): I just put in pecans that I put through the food processor and made really fine.  They were excellent!  The big bowl in the pic contains meatballs– just your basic recipe from


And here’s my snowman.  As you can see– these pics were not taken before people started eating. 🙂  The poor guy is missing an eye.  The top ball was cream cheese with pimentos, olives, pecans, and green onions, which is a family recipe.  For the bottom of the snowman I used this recipe that is supposed to be shaped like a football. hehe.


Then there’s the cashew toffee that had a slightly burnt taste (oops!).  Recipe from my favorite cookbook (you know the one).


And lastly: homemade Chocolate Eggnog!  From the latest Martha Stewart Living. Absolutely wonderful!  My first time to make eggnog!  Easy!  Definitely recommend it!


5 Responses to "Christmas Food!"

wow, what a neat snowman. I think I might try the egg nog, how fun.

i think i would go for the chocolate dipped cookies, and the crackers look good too for some reason.

you know… i’ve had a bag full of marth stewart Living in the dungeon and have meant to bring them for you – would you be interested???

by the way… it says i posted this at 10:03 but it lies!
it’s really 4:04 in the afternoon ♥

yeah! Definitely!
And yes, it never posts the right time on my blog, and I always forget to fix it. Even now I’m not going to. hehe

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