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New Year Update

Posted on: January 10, 2009

I’ve been putting the blog off long enough,  so I snuck upstairs to do a quick update.

Outside:  It’s pretty warm (relatively).  Yesterday I ran a lot of errands, so I appreciated that.  I appreciated even more having my G-ma to watch the kids while I got some things done I’ve been procrastinating on (like a haircut).

In My Kitchen: I’m trying to be good and not bake much, because I haven’t been doing well keeping away from sweets lately, and I need to!  It’s been hard because I got the most awesome kitchenaid ever for Christmas from my family.  It’s professional size!!!  And huge.  I think I may bake some cookies– I have a good excuse!  My brother, Nicholas, is heading back to college Monday.  He needs some fat on him to keep in warm up north.  🙂

I am wearing: New red houseslippers (they’re from old navy and very cute– got them for $4!), jeans, cobalt blue t.

Latest Creative Endeavor:  I have some projects to get pics of and then show off.  Knitted stuff.  I bought fabric and the Baby Amy Butler sewing book I’ve been wanting, so soon I’ll start a dress for Lillian for her b-day.  It’s nice that she’s too young to know its late.

I am going:  To laze around tonight, and spend time with Chad.  I haven’t been much lately– I’ve been too entrenched in playing Fable.  Yes, occasionally I get addicted to video games.  As if I have etime.

Can’t Wait For:  To get rid of this sinus infection.

Family News:  L is already talking…  dada, mama, uh oh, and mimicing various words we say like “kisses”.

Current Read:  In between reads right now.

I am hoping:  Just to get caught up with everything.  The perpetual hope.

I am hearing:   My new Waterdeep album!  I used Christmas money to buy four of them actually. hehe.  Their two newest ones (Heart Attack Time Machine I listen to every day, but I didn’t actually own it until now), plus a couple older ones I never got  around to buying.    C is going to be sick of them before the weekend is over.

Around the house: Lots to do– really need to reorganize the basement.

Simple Pleasures:  The minute of silence I had when I first snuck away to do this– already missing it.

Plans for the Weekend:    Maybe a concert with C.  Birthday party for my sis-in-law.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINNY btw.

More when I can sneak away again.


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