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January’s Update

Posted on: January 30, 2009


Outside:  Getting closer to Spring, but it’s not coming fast enough for my taste.  I think it’s 35 degrees.

In My Kitchen: I was bad and made a very yummy batch of chocolate chip cookies a few days ago, then ate them all day.  I haven’t had one since though– I hid them in the freezer.  It was in preparation for starting to be good again.

I am wearing: I’m still in my yoga clothes from this morning.  They’re comfy!

Latest Creative Endeavor: If I was any good at getting pics of my projects before sending them on their way, then I would have some stuff to show off.  I’ll try to be better.  I’m starting another dress for L any day now.

I am going:  Get some cleaning done this afternoon (hopefully), Gma is coming over for dinner and to watch the kids, then I’m going with C to a Catholic Couples night.  Not sure why, since I’m obviously not catholic.  Next I will make him go to a Protestant Couples night.  lol.

Can’t Wait For:  An end to cold season.

Family News:  L is saying even more things like “nigh nigh”.  When B and L were in the childcare at the Y today B was being very protective.  Apparently she was playing beside another boy her size, and B went up to the boy and said “You be nice to my sister” and stared him down for several minutes (while repeating his instruction).

Current Read:  The Happiest Toddler on the Block by Harvey Karp, M.D. and Salems Lot by Stephen King (not sure how much farther I’m going to get on this one–it’s a little much for me).

I am hoping:  To make it through the day.  This has not been an easy week dealing with my spirited toddler.

I am hearing:  Him play in the water when he is supposed to be washing his hands.

Around the house: Bought some more trim paint, hope to get to work with it soon.  Cleaning walls.

Simple Pleasures:  Yoga– a lack of stress for like an hour. wow.

Plans for the Weekend:    Getting out of the house hopefully.


1 Response to "January’s Update"

Well, you made it through Catholic Couples night! Have you been scandalized? 🙂 Let me know how that goes with the husband going to Protestant Couples night! Haha!

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