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Mother’s Day

Posted on: May 11, 2009

Hope you all had a great Mother’s day!  In keeping with our new tradition, C and the other men in the family cooked the women an awesome lunch.  This year it was a Greek theme (last year was Italian).  They made hummus, cucumber sauce, tahini sauce, falafel, some lemony soup I forget the name of, salad, and Gyros.  Delicious!  We were almost too stuffed to fit in any of the awesome cake that Taylor made before we left for our little afternoon getaway (a movie).  I’m not sure what kind of cake it was, but it’s filling was a rum icing, and it was topped with a fudgy chocolate icing.  YUM.

Then we all (the gals– the guys went Saturday night) went out and saw the new Star Trek.  Most of us really liked it.  I did miss having C to hold onto during the intense parts (which was like, the whole movie).  It was nice to have time to hang out just the girls though.  Ginny and I or Gma and I get that about once a week (though usually with kids), but we don’t have as much time with my mom.

I almost forgot!  We got to surprise Gma with a big kitchen aid to help her with her sourdough bread making!  My friend Lori went to an estate sale (I watched her kids for her), and found the practically new kitchenaid.  She called me up trying to find SOMEONE that would take advantage of the deal.  I jumped on the chance, since I knew Gma has been wanting one!  It’s the 75th annivesary edition, so it’s a cool pearlized color, plus it comes with the original cookbook, an extra bowl, and all the usual attachments (including dough hook).  We got a really great deal on it too!  She left excited to try it out.  Thanks again Lori!


4 Responses to "Mother’s Day"

It was Souppa Avgolemono (Egg-Lemon Soup). Kinda boring, but I still liked it. 🙂

You’re welcome!

Sounds like an awesome Mother’s day. I am SO impressed with your guys! Well done, gentlemen!

What a great find. John took our kids to see Star Trek at a drive in on Friday and he really like it too….I took advantage of some reading time while Jonathan slept. Great job to all the guys!

Yeah, sometimes that is better than getting to go out! 🙂

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