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Despite all the Tornado Watches

Posted on: May 15, 2009

P6020016It’s a beautiful time of year!

Outside: Everything is coming up beautifully in the garden (I just noticed my zucchini and summer squash are up!), and my lovely peonies are blooming!  They might be my favorite flower now… so delicate and frilly!  And they smell awesome too!

In My Kitchen:  I made muffins and biscuits this week, but I’m trying to be good and not bake otherwise.  Chad’s b-day is coming up though… I have some big plans for his cake (though not on the scale of B’s of course).  For other cooking I’ve been relying on these lists. This week was week 9.  Both the pork and the orzo pasta were delicious!  That’s all I’ve done so far this week.  Tonight I’m making pizza… I guess that’s baking.

I am wearing: ratty shorts and my favorite paint stained t-shirt.  I don’t really have any other shorts I like right now, so that’s the only reason I’m all ratty.  Still not turning on the ac!

Latest Creative Endeavor: Despite my intentions… I’m starting another diaper bag.  I’m not sure which yet.  I have to have it done by TUESDAY.  Yikes.  I also started knitting the hat to go to those booties from earlier in the week.

I am going:  To have a fun Saturday!  Gma is watching the kids, and Chad and I are having a date day for my B-day.  I decided I wanted to just go to the farmer’s market and brunch instead of dinner and a movie.  There aren’t any movies out yet that I want to see.  THEN my parents are making me Garbage Burritos for supper. YAY!

Can’t Wait For:  the Waterdeep concert at the end of the month.  Sad that they are moving though.

Family News:  Our family in Southern Illinois got hit pretty hard by the “inland hurricane” they had last week.  There are supposedly 2000 trees down in C’dale and 1,000 at SIU.  About 20 of those were in my in-laws yard (and just got taken off their house).  Thankfully no one we know was hurt though.

Current Read:  I just finally read Ender’s Game.  I’ve been wanting to read it for forever.  It was great.  Can’t wait to start #2 in the series.   Right now I’m reading a Western book a friend Lori lent me… MorningStar.  I doubt I would pick it out myself, but she’s pretty much in charge of picking out my books for me lately. hehe.  I need a baby to nurse so I can keep up with her!

I am hoping:  To lose the weight I KNEW I would gain when my toe was broken. 🙂

I am hearing:  I guess I have to admit that I’m listening to MxPx.  lol

Around the house: Just been doing a little spring cleaning lately.  You know– vacuuming the mattresses for the dustmites.  That kind of thing.

Simple Pleasures:  L and B quietly playing together in her room.

Plans for the Weekend:   I guess I spoiled most of that earlier.  But I actually have a concert I’m looking fwd to on Sunday night too!  I haven’t gotten to see NCG play in ages.  Then we get to to go to a BBQ for him and his family after.

And below is L rocking and singing to herself in her bedroom.  Adorable!



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