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Monthly Update

Posted on: June 12, 2009

Outside: P6210003A little bit of harvesting has been going on.  I’ve been getting this many berries and sugar snap peas every other day for a couple weeks now.  Nice.  The lettuces have been slow to get big this year, but I’ve still been harvesting lots of little leaves.  Want to have a pic of the garden too, but haven’t gotten around to it.

In My Kitchen:  I have cakes and cupcakes up next for the family luau on Saturday evening.  Probably make one tomorrow and one Saturday, but we’ll see.  I’ll be sure to post pics.  I have done well at not baking extra stuff for C’s sake (I even made the sacrifice of eating up the leftovers from his parties).  Of course I still have two of his cupcake brownies in the freezer…

I am wearing: PJ’s.  It’s almost midnight.

Latest Creative Endeavor: Lots going on in this department lately.  That’s all I’m going to say for now…

I am going:  to run errands tomorrow and go to yoga.  I’m running around a lot more lately, because B has swim lessons 2x a week.  I’ve been TRYING to get in more exercise while I’m at the Y too.   Then Tuesday I had to hang out all afternoon at G’s house after we took refuge from the torrential rainfal after leaving swimlessons.

Can’t Wait For:  our girls trip to the Lake of the Ozarks next weekend!  Just Mom, Gma, Ginny, and I.  Lots of relaxation!  And probably some knitting too.

Family News:  my mother and father in law will be visiting before I leave for my mini vaca.  B is very excited, since I let it slip that they are coming today.  I usually wait as long as I can since he has no sense of weeks yet.

Current Read:  I’m in between books right now.  Well, at least fiction books, which is what I like to talk about. 🙂  I’ve really got the itch to re-read old favorites right now though (Pride and Prejudice and the Song of Ice and Fire Series).

I am hoping:  To have some exciting news in the next week or so.  Probably not what you are thinking. 😉

I am hearing:  C’s snores.

Around the house:  Trying to keep my head above water while my head is somewhere else.

Simple Pleasures:  Uninterrupted time on the computer.  I should be in bed though.

Plans for the Weekend:   Luau and working on the house (hopefully).


2 Responses to "Monthly Update"

mmm, I want to eat those sugar snap peas.

You guys have the BEST family gatherings!!! I can’t wait to see pictures – are you sure the hoping for isn’t what I think it’s for????!!!! 🙂 I sure hope so!

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