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We’re Back!

Posted on: July 30, 2009

DSC_0063Picture:  a little something I made for the Etsy shop.  (see link to the right)

Outside:A little frustrated with my garden.  Plants look great, but they aren’t producing!  argh.  I’m sure it’s lack of sunlight.

In My Kitchen:  Lots of good cooking going on this weekend in honor of guests.  My oldest friend, Eva, is coming into town in a few hours.  Have a good mixture of Mexican, Chinese, and American planned.  Maybe throw in some Italian.  I had plans to make homemade icecream.  Even bought the stuff.  Then I realized that my icecream maker is broken! *sigh*

I am wearing: It’s after lunchtime and I still haven’t dressed for the day.  Been cleaning and refereeing, and waiting for my chance to get some yoga in.  So, I’m wearing the t-shirt I slept i, flip flops,  and workout shorts. I’m super sore and tight from working out and running the last couple days.  I think I gained 5 lbs on vacation, so I’m really trying to get it back off!

Can’t Wait For:  To see my friends!  My friends from Thailand (they live there as Missionaries) came into town last night, and I’m just waiting to find out when I’ll get to see them.  Plus, other good friends will be in town from a couple hours away to see those friends.  Busy busy.  And we’re having a girl’s outing on Monday in honor of Morgan (the one that lives in Thailand).

Current Read: I just finished Brideshead Revisited.  Haven’t started anything new.  So much to do and so little time.

I am hoping: To get a lot more done in the next few hours.  I figured I’d better update this blog before the weekend, or it would be a terribly long time between posts.

Around the house:  Crafting stuff everywhere.  I need a studio.  Trying to whip things into shape otherwise.

Simple Pleasures: Little bitty barrettes in baby girl’s hair.  Sweet.  If I hadn’t misplaced my camera I’d have a pic of it by now!

Plans for the Weekend: Grilling out with friends, and lots of other stuff with friends.  I’m sure you can’t tell I’m excited.

Family Update: South Carolina trip went very well.  I’ve been exhausted this week, but I think it’s more because I’ve been so busy after getting used to having some lazy time!  Plus, I really didn’t feel very good for the last half (carsickness and migraines).  I think everyone that reads this blog has probably seen the pics on Facebook already.  All three of you.


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I love the last line, all three of you! Thanks for the update.

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