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Ethnic Enrichment Festival

Posted on: August 23, 2009

“Feel the world beat in the heart of America”

P2030027-1P2030028P20300291. Turkish Doners — Good, but didn’t live up to the memory that C and I both cherish from late nights in Marburg (Germany)  the first year of our marriage (almost 8 years ago).


2. Germany– good bratwurst, but not served on a hard roll.


3. Israeli Sampler platter– falafel, pita, hummus, and salad. Yum.  Just wish there was more.


4. Headed to the Youth Tent, and colored some Lithuanian eggs (the design was printed out on paper), also heard (half way) a talk on them, and saw some pretty examples.

**slightly less whining**

5.  French chocolate crepes with Nutela.  Only wished I didn’t have to share.

**whining after a short recess**

6. Oatmeal drink from Ecuador.  Interesting– like runny pureed morning oatmeal with cinnamon.  The kids sucked it down.


7.  Let’s get these kids to bed!

Next time we’re leaving the kids at home! 🙂  Not quite at an age to appreciate such things– with the exception of the crepe.


4 Responses to "Ethnic Enrichment Festival"

I love the Ethnic Festival! We missed it this year because we had some old friends over for the day Saturday. I have to remember to put it on my calendar next year!

You realize I’m going to be making Nutella crepes at 10 pm tonight because this post got them in my head and I can’t get them out… I hope you’re happy with yourself. 😉

I’m glad I’m not the only one. I made crepes this morning for breakfast, and next time I get a chance I’m picking up some nutella. I had it as a staple in the house for at least a year after leaving Germany, but then I realized I wasn’t 18 anymore. lol.

Okay, more whining, crepes at the foot of the Eiffel Tower with Nutella and bananas, such a cool memory.

Now it’s my turn to whine. 🙂

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