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The Queen of Mess

Posted on: November 9, 2009


B was pretty bad at making messes in his day.  L may surpass her brother.

Here is all but one of my spices spilled out of their containers onto the contents of an already messy table.  Plus she broke one of the beakers.  That was fun to clean up.

The other day she broke one of my favorite serving bowls too (one of my two torquise ceramic ones that I always have displayed on my table).  That was a sad day.


5 Responses to "The Queen of Mess"

Ok, sometimes the similarities are scary. Lately, I cannot keep Matthew out of the spice drawer, and he loves to throw them across the kitchen. Luckily no broken ones yet…

So great to see other moms dealing with exactly the same stuff!

Oh, oh, oh, I so feel for you. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself because I know I only have six more months or so and I’ll be in the same boat. 😛

someday this will be funny, but today it is painful

Now I need to go to the Farmer’s Market for replacement spices. Care to join me? Anyone?

Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford to replace things when the break. Then I’ll be able to laugh more easily. 😉 Having kids does help you hold on to things more loosely. You know they won’t be in good condition long. hehe

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