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New Year Update

Posted on: January 4, 2010

Outside: Snow snow snow!  And it’s freezing!

In My Kitchen:  I’ve tried out a couple recipes from my new cookbook.  It’s turning out to be as good as THE COOKBOOK, which I never stop raving about.  So Far I’ve made “Holy Moly!  Strawberry Jam Rolly Polly” for New Years day’s breakfast.  Plus, the lovely cupcakes from L’s b-day party were “Pinkalicious Princess Cupcakes”.  I love using these cookbooks as much as I love eating the goods (well, almost).  The thing I’m most excited about having made for Christmas is the delicious cream puff tree from the front of the martha stewart living magazine.  Mine doesn’t quite look the same, but the taste more than made up for it!  Thanks to Gretchen for modeling it for me!

I am wearing: I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been so busy today trying to catch up from the weekend and caring fora  sick kiddo (L) that I am still in my pjs!  It’s already naptime!  I guess I should change.

Can’t Wait For:  Spring!  I’m not usually one to hurry along the seasons, but I’m done with this cold weather!

Current Read:  I am absolutely IN LOVE with my new book The Gentle Art of Domesticity: Stitching, Baking, Nature, Art, and the Comforts of Home.   It is like it was written for me! 🙂 The author, Jane Brocket, also has a blog you should check out: Yarnstorm.  A favorite quote:

“… a great part of the gentle art of Domesticity is an acceptance and then a valuing of repetition.  Although I admit that I’ll never be thrilled with many aspects of repetitive housework, I have discovered some more pleasurable domestic patterns that, like the hypnotic ice-skating, I am more than happy to repeat.

Every project or creation has its own mode of repetition sandwiched in between the excitement of starting and the delight in finishing.  This is the part that offers an often therapeutic and blissful zoning-out during which your mind can wander with your hands…”

I am hoping: to have my kitchen complete soon!  We made alot of headway with my father-in-laws help over the holidays.   I’m very excited, but remind me not to mix holidays and work weekends ever again!  I think the next step will be tiling the counter top and back-splash!

Around the house: Made some laundry detergent earlier today with Ivory soap, washing soda, and borax.  Doing a week’s worth of laundry, lots of dishes, and various other cleaning today.  I did get my Christmas tree and most of my decorations taken down on Saturday though.

Simple Pleasures:  Both kids have taken to cuddling with me in bed in the mornings for a little while, and it’s so nice and snuggly!

Plans for the Weekend:   G’s birthday party.  Maybe some tile purchasing.  We’ll see.

Family Update:  Chad and I got to go on a date to Avatar yesterday, thanks to my Gma.  She also watched the kids!  It definitely lived up to all the talk!

We have been missing our cat (he has a bad habit of jumping out the door at inopportune times)  for about a week now.  We are hoping he’s been keeping warm at a neighbors house and will show back up once it thaws.  Worried.  Brendan said he thought he heard him meowing this morning…

Lillian: Well, she’s two now as you know.  Her vocabulary is astounding.  She’s growing up way to fast when there is no new baby around!  =(

Brendan:  Is very impatient for his birthday (in April) now that Christmas is over.  He’s been obsessed with the new Xbox 360 we got for Christmas.  I’ve been very thankful to be homeschooling him, since I have had that to keep him busy when everyone else has been taking a long break!  Don’t worry I did give him almost a week off. 😉

House: Isn’t it depressing how you clean your house basically top to bottom for guests and holidays (minus my bedroom in my case :), and then once its over you have to start over again.  After a week.  I guess that’s why the quote above was helpful for me….

Creative:  In the pic above of Gretch (c’s sis) she’s wearing the cowl I knitted for her for her bday (which we also celebrated during the holiday).  Sorry– didn’t get any better pics.  I have made lots of other knits lately… maybe I’ll get some pics up soon.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me, and stay warm!!


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I do love that quote too, it’s a nice reminder. The cream puff tree was so amazingly delicious, wow.

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