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Creative Snow Day

Posted on: January 6, 2010

We didn’t technically have a snow day today, even though everyone else seems to have!  We did school, but I still felt like I needed some special activity to get through this day.  The kids are both sickish (although L is much improved from Monday– no fever!), and so grumpy.  I admit to being a little grumpy myself (after my attempt at a special breakfast of homemade scones and “hot” tea resulted in lots of whining– at least from my littlest).

So,  I got an email from Martha Stewart Living (really got about 6 today), which had some good ideas for winter activities.  Good idea Martha!  My first pick was the “Crazy Crayons” which is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while, since our craft bucket had gotten pretty unorganized and full of broken or stray crayons.  I do have a toddler who thinks they are for  biting after all.  Ours didn’t quite turn out as pretty as those pictured above, but I have hope that the previously mentioned toddler might find these a little tougher to break. 🙂

Thinking about making the homemade playdough when they wake up.  I noticed while cleaning out the bucket that all our store-bought has dried up. All we have that’s usuable is a big hunk of bright green that’s left over from our last playdough making about a year ago.  Time for some pink and/or blue I think.


3 Responses to "Creative Snow Day"

Those pictures are so pretty, but honestly, Martha Stewart, you can’t use that much white crayon, it won’t show up. I am sure yours were much more practical.

I didn’t think of it like that 🙂 That would probably really frustrate the kids. B hates it when he can’t see a crayon well enough. hehe

Way to go Morgan, being practic al, I was feeling a little down that mine never looked like that too.

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