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February Update

Posted on: February 17, 2010

Pictures: Part of my fabric stash.  Photo credits belong to my very helpful assistant Olivia.  Then my already messy brand new craft table that C found for me FOR FREE! Much better than the previous cardboard table.

Outside:  Very cold.  Little bits of snow on the ground.  I’m ready for spring!  And more sunlight.

In My Kitchen: Mainly just been baking lots of bread.  Most recently a Pumpkin Brioche from Healthy Bread if 5 Minutes a Day. I used it to make a crescent roll.  I have to admit that the shape was the only thing like a crescent roll.  Way too healthy. 🙂  It baked up much better as a loaf today.  Tomorrow– either donuts with the leftover dough, or french toast with the bread.

I am wearing: Jeans, v-neck sweater that is a lot more comfy that cool, and brown t-shirt.  Wool socks of course.  It’s cold!  Didn’t I mention that?

Can’t Wait For: Energy.  I’ve been feeling very drained lately.  For no good reason in case you are wondering.

Current Read:  Still working my way through the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy.   It’s good, I just haven’t been reading much lately. I go in stages.  Plus, I’m a little annoyed with both Kristin, and her husband.  Especially her bum of a  husband though.  Also, reading Pilgrims Progress for the first time since elementary school (so really for the first time).

I am hoping: to learn to be a better businesswoman/ salesperson.

Around the house: some new curtains going up.  A purchase of counter tile should happen this weekend.  If I’m lucky.  More on both soon (I hope).

Simple Pleasures:  L’s new habit of singing “I love ____”  over and over.  The first time it was pancakes.  Today we graduated to Daddy.  She’s a sweety.

Creativity:  should have some pics up soon of some of the stuff I’ve been working on.  Changing one of the purse patterns for the shop.  One purse has shown up from that endeavor, but I doubt it’s the final pattern even though I have gotten some good feedback about it.  Clothes and curtains for L.  Now working of filling some special orders including something like my 30th diaper bag.

Plans for the Weekend: Just realized purchasing tile was on my last update.  Who knew tile could be so elusive!

Family Update:  Our cat did come back.  He’s been driving me a little crazy lately actually.  But that hasn’t been a hard thing to lately to be honest.  Did I mention I need sunlight?  hehe

Lillian:  is so affectionate towards B.  It makes me so happy to see them hugging on each other.

Brendan:  is  a pretty good big brother.  Even helpful at times!  I can’t believe how big he’s getting.  Easier to take him places these days too.  Unless his Daddy keeps him up playing Xbox that is.  =P

Valentines Day:  was a good one this year.  Unexpected/undeserved  presents.  A  fun date (even though it didn’t quite meet our expectations).  Made Chad a yummy steak and potatoes meal too.


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