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In a card I made for my Grandma.


We’re doing a little Spring cleaning around our house,  inspired by Simple Mom.  Unfortunately I only found the blog a few days ago, so we’re getting into the project a little behind.  We did manage to make some major headway on the playroom today though.


Sorry about how awful this pic is, I forgot to check the flash.  But, you get the idea. 

And After:

Made a lot more room in there, by taking the slide outside for the summer (even though I had to the destroy the “club” to do it, and Owen will apparently be very mad at me).  Threw out the makeshift coffee table.  Bought a few boxes for those bottom shelves, and actually brought toys from the bedroom to put into them– SO SICK of the messy bedroom.  Packed up toys for when Baby Arthur is ready to use them (lots of Little People) to make room for the “new” toys.   Filled up the hotwheels organizer, then Lillian emptied them back out before I could take the pic.

Probably should’ve taken before and after pics of the bedroom too, but that would have required actually finishing the bedroom.  With half a week for the whole project, and a 2-week-old, that was NOT happening.

I did find time to go through the kids clothes though.  Packed up a whole box of L’s winter and outgrown stuff.  B and Arthur only had a few things each, because I went through their stuff recently (and Arthur hasn’t been around long enough to grow out of too much stuff!).  Didn’t make for very impressive before and afters though.

Looking forward to painting and redoing the floors in the playroom VERY SOON.  Then we’ll have some more impressive after pics. 🙂

I’m very happy to announce the birth of my son, Arthur William, on March 9, 2011.  He’s a beautiful, healthy, blond, 7 lb 11 oz and 20.2 in long baby.  And we love him to pieces already.  🙂

Outside:  Sunny and Cold.  More snow on the way supposedly.  I really haven’t minded being stuck inside though.

In My Kitchen:   Made some double chocolate chip cookie sandwiches (from the Sticky Gooey book of course)  over the weekend.  Delicious.  Found out that Kirkland (costco) vanilla icecream is creamy and delicious to go with.  Also, made a delicious mango upside-down cake this past week.  I didn’t have crystallized ginger, so I just used powdered.

I am wearing: A black knit dress, and a cardigan.  Not really comfortable in most pants right now (at 35 weeks pregnant and huge).

Can’t Wait For:  My baby boy to come!  Also, my good friend Morgan to come back to KC for  awhile!  Happening at about the same time too.

Current Read:  In January I finished the Hunger Games trilogy, which was enjoyable.   Now I’m reading Deadhouse Gates Book Two of the Malazan Book of the fallen, which I wish I was liking more than I am.

I am hoping: to have more energy tomorrow than I do today. 🙂  I have a lot to get done in the next month!!

Around the house:  Trying to get everything cleaned out, and ready for New Baby.  Chad has been getting my new laundry room ready too.  Still a ways to go unfortunately.  Wishing I wasn’t lugging laundry up and down two flights of stairs today.

Simple Pleasures:  voluntary kisses from the kids.  and Dr Pepper.

Creativity:  Finishing a quilt for L that I actually started before she was conceived– it’s long overdue.  Starting one for B.  It’s the one on the cover of this GREAT new book I just got.  Also, finishing knitting a hat for B… maybe he’ll get to use it a month before winter goes away.

Plans for the Weekend:  A date night, and hopefully celebrating two of my brother’s birthdays!  Hopefully that means that the one that lives out of town will be HERE.

Family Update:  The big kids moved into L’s room together.  So far so good!  That’s one reason I’m doing the quilts.  We’re going for a sort of nature theme.  A very loose theme it is too. 🙂  Trying to decide whether to change a couple walls (most of the room actually)  from bubblegum pink to green or light brown.  But that will happen after I’ve recovered from the baby a little anyway.

Lillian:  Walks around constantly in a princess dress or Tutu saying she’s a princess.  Although sometimes she is in disguise as a Halo Reach girl.  Goody.  Or a puppy that licks you.

Brendan:  Is doing well in homeschool.  He LOVES math.  I need a little motivation in the whole school area right now though.  Not exactly making it exciting, or even getting done everything I wish I were.

Some things worth remembering/mentioning about 2010.  In no particular order.

California– after wanting to go since I was probably 8 (when my Grandma started promising Disneyland), I finally went this summer.  Even better: I met one of my best friends there for some girl time!  First time west of Colorado!

I’ve tried out many new recipes this past year, but the one that stands out the most to me right now is the French Macaroons.  Probably because it’s something you see pretty pictures of all the time, and I’ve wanted to make for a while.  These were delicious!  Too bad I didn’t get any pics of the actual ones I made.  Borrowed this one from Martha. 🙂  As a side note– I’m now the proud owner of a signed copy of this year’s Holiday Cookie magazine thanks to my baby  brother Taylor and his girlfriend Dana (who’s sister is Martha’s assistant!).  These cookies are also a step forward in my quest to master the pastry (see my list of 100 things to do before I die).

Speaking of Baby Brother– he moved away to go to college in Macon, Georgia this past fall.  It’s sad to have him so far away, and that he’s sort of an adult now! 🙂

In the sewing department I’ve feel like I’ve made some fairly good headway this year.  Sewed many new things, including a few dresses for Lillian.  One of which caused me to tackle (and conquer!) my fear of sewing with Satin.  Now I’ll be all set for her prom dresses. lol.   Hopefully I’ll have some better pics to share of this soon!

Find out that Toney baby #3 was on his way was definitely a big deal!  We are eagerly awaiting his March 18 due date.  I’m hoping I can make it that long. 🙂

We had a rather exciting Christmas present this year!  My sweet new nephew, Jude!

Even though it didn’t change things much THIS year, it’s worth noting that my parents celebrated their 30th anniversary this year!  Not many people married when they are 18 make it so long, and I know it hasn’t always been easy.  What marriage is, really?  Congrats to them, and thanks for all your hard work! 🙂

Our family has grown in more ways than one this year!  In August we traveled to Wisconsin to see my brother, Nicholas, marry his beautiful wife, Staci.  Glad to have another female (and sister) in the Campbell family.  We need them. 🙂   She can also whip the guys butt in most games.

And on the Toney side we got a new brother when Chad’s sister Gretchen married her long-time boyfriend, Jeff.  It’s nice to have another “kid” at all the family functions.

This year we’ve been getting used to having an actual Kindergartner among us.  It was going a little better before we had to take a 3 week recess!

We started hard-core homeschooling this year, and I’m facing my fear of teaching Brendan how to read.  It’s actually going fairly smoothly… especially compared to teaching him to write neatly!!

Well, that’s a very quick look at the last year, but now it’s time to start looking ahead!  Next post, we’ll go for Goals for 2011!

Brendan started his first day of kindergarten on Monday!  Here he is eager to start with some of his new books.  He’s very excited to learn to read this year!

Lillian has been doing really well so far at playing by herself.  This is a relief, since she really hasn’t had much experience with it!  She’s also doing really well potty training with not much help from me!  Thank God for that.

Both the kids are really looking forward to the beginning of March when they will be welcoming a NEW baby brother or sister.  Brendan wants a new baby brother to help him clean up his toys. 😉

My baby boy turned 5 this year.  boohoo.  😉

Decided to keep the cake simple and delicious this year.  We did have bats hanging down over it, but it was too hard to get a good pic.   Obviously the theme was batman.   And dress-up.  We had a couple princesses, the super-mario brothers, and Tigger.  He got batman underwear, the Lego Batman game for xbox (along with a few other games), Lego batman t-shirt, etc.  Plus, The Chronicles of Narnia box set.  We have vision of reading them (as a family)  in the near future just like our Dads read them to us.  Such good memories.

We’re just wrapping up B’s pre-k work.  Looking forward to ordering his kindergarten books!  He’s learned so much this year!  And we’ve spent lots of time reading together, which is the best part.

I’m only about 3 months behind on the blog. hehe.  I haven’t been doing much creating to share.  Where did the time go anyway?

I think that the creativity might be making a come-back though.  We’ll see…

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